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Surname Northrup

Family name Northrup (Northrup United States Canada Brazil New Zealand United Kingdom) , all around the world, is quite a common cognomen. The surname Northrup is habitual in the United States, where it is quite a rare surname, Canada, and New Zealand, where it is a rare surname. In absolute terms, the name is most common in the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Northrup

Nomographic illustration
Northrup Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom

Last names said to be same

Нортхруп, and ทิศเหนือ

Notable namesakes

josiah northrup 29 Sep 1700 Milford, Connecticut - 4 Feb 1788 Milford, Connecticut (b. 1700) link
sibyl northrup 1741 Milford, Connecticut - 17 Nov 1815 Milford, Connecticut (b. 1741) link
picture of a. judd northrup a. judd northrup a. judd northrup American judge and author, US (b. 1833) link
samuel northrup American politician, US (b. 1801) link
picture of william barton northrup william barton northrup william barton northrup Canadian politician, CA (b. 1856) link
anson northrup American politician – Minnesota -Senate 1857-58 (District 21), US (b. 1817) link
picture of harry northrup harry northrup harry northrup French-American actor (1875-1936), US (b. 1875) link
theodore havermeyer northrup American composer, US (b. 1866) link
edwin fitch northrup American physics professor (1866-1940), US (b. 1866) link
edgar burr northrup American politician, US (b. 1867) link
picture of jim northrup jim northrup jim northrup American baseball player, US (b. 1939) link
phil northrup American javelin thrower, US (b. 1904) link
herbert roof northrup (1918-2007), US (b. 1918) link
ben northrup American wrestler, US (b. 1935) link
katie northrup botanical collector (1937 - ) (b. 1937) link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Kip, Kim, Ken, Kay, Kai, Bud, Bob, Ben, Amy, Ame, Art, Ann, Ana, Sue, Sam, Mel, Mot, Max, Za, Ed, Ty, Tr, Jo, La, Rj, Al, Ms, Pat, and Pam