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Surname Clixby

Last name Clixby (Clixby United Kingdom United States Australia India) , around the world, is a rare cognomen. The surname Clixby is characteristic of the United Kingdom, where it is a rare surname, Australia, where it is a very rare surname, and the United States. Much less frequently, Clixby is the forename as well as the last name.

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Clixby Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States

Notable namesakes

mary florence clixby British noble (b. 1857) link
joseph clixby Peerage person ID=25484 link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Leon, Lisa, Lucy, Jack, John, Jess, Tony, Neil, Emma, Greg, Megan, Shane, Simon, Susan, Angie, Abbey, Carol, Colin, Craig, Kathy, Sarah, Gary, Dawn, Dale, Ms, Ed, Max, Mel, Meg, Sam, Ben, Joe, Joy, Tom, Tim, Matt, Sean, Alex, Alan, Andy, Anna, Adam, Brad, Kyle, Paul, Katie, and Kelly