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Forename Shane

Around the world, Shane (Shane United States Australia Myanmar India United Kingdom, เชน Thailand, 肖恩 China, and others...) is a widespread principally masculine, but very infrequently girly first name. The forename Shane is habitual in Ireland, where it is a common boy's name, Australia, where it is quite a common male name, and Jamaica (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in the United States, India, and Australia. Much less frequently, Shane is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Shane

name Shâne, name Šhanê, name Šhãńę, name เชน, name Ŝhàñê, name 陕娥, name 沙恩, name 陕鄂, name Zane, name Shàne, name 啥呢, name Šĥăñe, name Śhane, name Schané, name Shané, name John, name 善鹅, name 珊娥, name Shañe, name שיין, name 谢恩, name Shane, name 姗俄, name Seán, name Sháne, name شين, name 沙因, name 肖恩, name 善娥, name شاين, name シェーン, name Šhane, name Šhãńë, name Şane, name 姗娥, name Sĥãñë, name Shanè, name Shañë, name Shanê, name شايني, name 善锷, name 善略, name 山娥, name 山峨, name 山鄂, name Šhãnê, name Shânë, name 夏纳, name شین, name 莎纳, name Шейн, name Шане, name ショーン, name Shãne
Shane Australia, Myanmar, United States, India, United Kingdom
เชน Thailand
肖恩 China
シェーン Japan
شاين Iraq
שיין Israel
Шане Russia

First name Shane in the context

Shane is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Shane Walsh , the fictional character in The Walking Dead universe; Shane McCutcheon , the fictional character from the television series The L Word; Banshee , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, Uncanny X-Men; Shane Schofield , the main character in four books by Australian author Matthew Reilly and Kenneth Carson , the fictional character based on and portrayed by the Barbie fashion doll lines and associated media franchise from the American toy-company Mattel, Inc., Toy Story 3, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

shane o'neill Irish chieftain, GB (b. 1530) link
shane o'neill Irish noble (b. 1599) link
picture of shane leslie shane leslie shane leslie Anglo-Irish nationalist writer, IE (b. 1885) link
picture of shane o’neill, 3rd baron o’neill shane o’neill, 3rd baron o’neill shane o’neill, 3rd baron o’neill peer, GB (b. 1907) link
picture of shane paltridge shane paltridge shane paltridge Australian politician (1910-1966), AU (b. 1910) link
picture of shane mcgrath shane mcgrath shane mcgrath Australian rules footballer, born 1919, AU (b. 1919) link
picture of shane devine shane devine shane devine United States federal judge (1926-1999), US (b. 1926) link
shane chichester (1883-1969) (b. 1883) link
picture of shane stevens shane stevens shane stevens American writer, US (b. 1937) link
picture of shane gough shane gough shane gough British Army officer, IE (b. 1941) link
picture of shane fenton shane fenton shane fenton English pop singer and stage actor (1942-2014), GB (b. 1942) link
c. donald shane American astronomer, US (b. 1895) link
picture of shane shane shane New Zealand singer, NZ (b. 1946) link
picture of shane ross shane ross shane ross Irish independent politician and journalist, IE (b. 1949) link
picture of shane bourne shane bourne shane bourne Australian comedian, AU (b. 1949) link

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Lee, Murphy, Parker, Taylor, Thomas, Nelson, Harris, Walker, Watson, Wilson, Wright, Stewart, Collins, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Mitchell, Sullivan, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Miller, Morgan, Morris, Martin, Alam, King, Ryan, Hall, Hill, Ward, Moore, Scott, Smith, Allen, Thompson, Adams, Clark, Baker, Brown, Kelly, Davis, Lewis, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Aalam, and Williams