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Forename Rudolf

Worldwide, Rudolf (Rudolf Germany Poland Czechia Austria Indonesia, Рудольф Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Belarus Azerbaijan, רודולף Israel, among others...) is a widespread boy's given name. The first name Rudolf is habitual in Germany, where it is a common masculine name, Czechia, and Austria (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Germany, Czechia, and Russia. Very seldom, Rudolf is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Rudolf

name รูดอล์ฟ, name Ruodolf, name Rudolfová, name Rudloff, name רודולף, name Rūdolfs, name Rudolph, name Родольфо, name Рудольф, name Ruud, name Ruoff, name Рудольфи, name Родольф, name Ruedi, name Rudolfo, name Rudolphus, name Rúdolf, name Рудолфь, name Риди, name Рудолф, name Raoul, name Родолф, name Ruf, name Ruttloff, name رودلف, name Rodolphe, name Rudolfi, name Rodolfo, name Нуреев, name Rudolf, name Rolf, name Rudolff, name Родолфо, name Roelof, name 鲁道夫, name Roof, name Руди, name Rudolphi, name Руофф, name Ruttluff, name Rohloff
Rudolf Austria, Germany, Czechia, Poland, Indonesia
Рудольф Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan
רודולף Israel
رودلف Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Palestinian Territory
Рудолф Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia

First name Rudolf in the context

Rudolf is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Rudolf Andersson , the fictional character of the Sune Books; Wally West , the fictional character in DC Comics, The Flash; Rudolf Sikorski , the Fictional character, Prisoners of Power; Count Rudolf Andrenyi , character in Murder on the Orient Express and Rudolf Lingens , and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

rudolf von fulda 9th century Benedictine monk and historian, DE (b. 800) link
picture of rudolf i. rudolf i. rudolf i. German bishop, DE (b. 850) link
rudolf ii. von laon (b. 900) link
picture of rudolf iii. rudolf iii. rudolf iii. King of Burgundy, CH (b. 966) link
rudolf ii von altdorf count of Altdorf and member of the Swabian group of the Elder House of Welf, DE (b. 927) link
picture of rudolf von rheinfelden rudolf von rheinfelden rudolf von rheinfelden German anti-king, DE (b. 1025) link
rudolf von werl German aristocrat, DE (b. 982) link
rudolf i, count of stade (b. 1050) link
rudolf i im sisgau LI (b. 1050) link
rudolf ii von tierstein LI (b. 1050) link
rudolf i. von neuenburg (1070-1148), CH (b. 1070) link
rudolf of st trond Wallon monk, cleric, musicologist and composer (b. 1070) link
rudolf graf von bregenz (1081-1160) (b. 1081) link
rudolf von homburg (1122-1122) (b. 1097) link
rudolf of perg Nobleman, Upper Austria, Judge of the country between Traun and Enns, Governor of the Monastery of St. Florian, 11/12th Century (b. 1100) link

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