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Forename Philipps

In the entire world, Philipps (فيليبس Iraq Palestinian Territory, Philipps Germany United States France Peru United Kingdom, Филиппс Kazakhstan) is a very rare predominantly male, but scarcely feminine first name. The forename Philipps is habitual in Philippines, where it is a very rare masculine name, Nigeria, where it is an extremely rare gender-neutral name, and India, where it is an extremely rare masculine name. More frequently, Philipps is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Philipps

name Phillips, name Филипс, name 菲利普, name Фелпс, name Philipp, name פיליפס, name Филипп, name فلبس, name פלפס, name フィリップ, name Phelps, name Филлипс, name Philips, name Пхилиппс, name Філліпс, name Филиппс, name فيليبس, name Philip, name Philipps
فيليبس Iraq, Palestinian Territory
Philipps Peru, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States
Филиппс Kazakhstan

First name Philipps in the context

Philipps is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

rowland philipps English cleric and college head (b. 1468) link
sir erasmus philipps, 3rd baronet Member of the Parliament of England (b. 1620) link
grismond philipps, of cwmgwili 1686 - 27 May 1740 Abergwili (b. 1686) link
sir erasmus philipps, 5th baronet British Member of Parliament (b. 1699) link
erasmus james philipps Canadian politician (b. 1705) link
gruffudd philipps, of cwmgwili 1712 - 27 May 1781 (b. 1712) link
sir james erasmus philipps, 12th bt (1824-1912) (b. 1824) link
sir grismond picton philipps soldier and public figure (1898 -1967), GB (b. 1898) link
wogan philipps British baron (1902-1993), GB (b. 1902) link
unknown daughter philipps Peerage person ID=690541 link
unknown daughter philipps Peerage person ID=690564 link
grismond philipps Peerage person ID=77577 link
sir henry erasmus edward philipps, 2nd bt. Peerage person ID=91247 link
unknown daughter philipps Peerage person ID=690561 link
unknown daughter philipps Peerage person ID=690546 link

Characteristic surnames

Mr, Bud, Kai, Kay, Kim, Pat, Pam, Boy, Pia, Rob, Ron, Deb, Dan, Don, , Rod, Gus, Bob, , Ms, Al, Dj, Lu, Ed, Max, Ben, Sam, Seb, , Ana, Ann, Amy, Ava, Sue, and Guy