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Forename Mihajlo

In all the world, Mihajlo (Михайло Ukraine Russia Poland Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan, Mihajlo Serbia North Macedonia Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany, Михајло Serbia) is a widespread boy's first name. The first name Mihajlo is habitual in Ukraine, where it is a prevalent male name, Serbia, where it is quite a common boy's name, and Croatia (explore the name in all countries).

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mihajlo

name Михаило, name Mikhaïl, name Mychajło, name Mika, name Michiel, name Mihkel, name Myhajlo, name Mihail, name Myxajlo, name Μισέλ, name Mihails, name Moishe, name Mikael, name Mikail, name Mihael, name Mikhail, name Michaił, name Mikaels, name Mykhayil, name Michaël, name Mickaël, name Mihhail, name Michal, name Michail, name Mihály, name Μιχαήλ, name Mychajlo, name Michele, name Mijailo, name Mijaíl, name Mikaelo, name Mykhailo, name Mixail, name Miguel, name Михайло, name Mykhaylo, name Mikhal, name Moische, name Michel, name Майкл, name Mihajlo, name Michas, name Michael, name Mitchel, name Майкл, Михаэль, Микаэль, name Михајло, name Mikko, name Maycon, name Michał, name Mihaly, name Mihangel, name Miquel, name Μιχάλης, name Mihai
Михайло Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan
Mihajlo Germany, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia
Михајло Serbia
Михаило Serbia, Russia, Ukraine

First name Mihajlo in the context

Mihajlo is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Михаило Томашевић , character in Harambasha Micko: Serbian duke and prisoner in Fesan.

Notable namesakes

mihajlo krešimir ii King of Croatia, HR (b. 950) link
mihajlo hamzić painter (1482-1518), HR (b. 1482) link
mihajlo mate spalatin Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1736) link
mihajlo živković (b. 1776) link
mihajlo vučetić Serbian merchant, shipowner and insurer (b. 1790) link
picture of mihajlo rostohar mihajlo rostohar mihajlo rostohar Slovenian psychologist who played important role during creation of State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes as officer of Austro-Hungarian Army (1878-1966), SI (b. 1878) link
picture of mihajlo lukić mihajlo lukić mihajlo lukić Croatian general, HR (b. 1886) link
mihajlo katurić (b. 1847) link
mihajlo merćep photographer, athlete and entrepreneur, HR (b. 1864) link
mihajlo dimitrijević (b. 1854) link
picture of mihajlo bata paskaljević mihajlo bata paskaljević mihajlo bata paskaljević Serbian actor, RS (b. 1923) link
mihajlo petrović RS (b. 1863) link
mihajlo lanović Croatian jurist (1882-1968), HR (b. 1882) link
mihajlo timčišin painter (1889-1925), BA (b. 1889) link
mihajlo andrejević Yugoslav football referee (1898-1989) (b. 1898) link

Characteristic surnames

Miki, Ivanovic, Zivkovic, Milosevic, Stankovic, Stojkovic, Cvetkovic, Kovacevic, Jovanovic, Todorovic, Filipovic, Marinkovic, Marjanovic, Milenkovic, Mihajlovic, Mladenovic, Stevanovic, Stojanovic, Randjelovic, Djordjevic, Jovanović, Andjelkovic, Nikolić, Dimitrijevic, Jankovic, Petrovic, Ilic, Mitic, Savic, Simic, Peric, Gajic, Lukic, Jovic, Tomic, Vasic, Spasic, Kostic, Krstic, Ristic, Djokic, Aleksic, Popovic, Nikolic, Markovic, Mitrovic, Pavlovic, Petkovic, and Milosavljevic