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Forename Michiel

Across the world, Michiel (Michiel Netherlands Belgium South Africa Nigeria Philippines, ميشيل Egypt Iraq Syria Lebanon Jordan, Михил Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine Kazakhstan) is a common principally male, but scarcely feminine first name. The first name Michiel is characteristic of Belgium, where it is quite a common masculine name, Aruba, and Netherlands (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in South Africa, Egypt, and Belgium. Much less frequently, Michiel is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Michiel

name Mihkel, name Mykhaylo, name Miquel, name Mickaël, name Михиль, name Mihajlo, name Michele, name Mikail, name Mikhail, name Mikko, name Mihangel, name Myhajlo, name Mika, name Mykolas, name Майкл, Михаэль, Микаэль, name Mihhail, name Mihály, name Майкл, name Μιχαήλ, name Miguel, name Mihaly, name Mikhaïl, name Mikaels, name Mikhal, name Mitchel, name Mychajło, name Michail, name Mykhailo, name Mijaíl, name Michaił, name Michael, name Mihai, name Maycon, name ميشيل, name Michal, name Михил, name Michel, name Mihails, name Mixail, name Michał, name Michaël, name Mychajlo, name Michiël, name Мигел, name Mijailo, name Michiel, name Μιχάλης, name Μισέλ, name Michiél, name Mikael, name Michas, name Mihael, name Mihail, name Mikaelo
Michiel Nigeria, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa
ميشيل Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt
Михил Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine
Михиль Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

First name Michiel in the context

Michiel is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Emil Svensson , the fictional character in Astrid Lindgren's books, That Boy Emil; Sociaal Incapabele Michiel ; Michiel Dewaele ; Michiel Schat and Michelle Nguyen , the fictional character from the fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

lunardo michiel (b. 1150) link
fantino michiel (b. 1350) link
picture of michiel coxcie michiel coxcie michiel coxcie Flemish painter (1499-1592), BE (b. 1499) link
michiel von glymes von bergen (b. 1456) link
marcantonio michiel writer and art collector from Italy, IT (b. 1484) link
picture of michiel jansz van middelhoven michiel jansz van middelhoven michiel jansz van middelhoven Dutch theologian, NL (b. 1562) link
picture of michiel van mierevelt michiel van mierevelt michiel van mierevelt Dutch painter (1566–1641), NL (b. 1566) link
michiel gast BE (b. 1515) link
picture of michiel pauw michiel pauw michiel pauw Dutch businessman (1590-1640), NL (b. 1590) link
picture of michiel de wael michiel de wael michiel de wael Dutch brewer painted by Frans Hals, NL (b. 1596) link
picture of michiel adriaenszoon de ruyter michiel adriaenszoon de ruyter michiel adriaenszoon de ruyter Dutch admiral (1607-1676), NL (b. 1607) link
michiel högelcke (b. 1550) link
picture of michiel nouts michiel nouts michiel nouts Dutch painter (1628-1693), NL (b. 1628) link
picture of michiel ten hove michiel ten hove michiel ten hove Grand Pensionary of Holland (1640-1689), NL (b. 1640) link
michiel zachmoorter BE (b. 1582) link

Characteristic surnames

De, Koning, Kruger, Peters, Ruiter, Dekker, Jansen, Jacobs, Jonker, Eksteen, Visser, Mertens, Brouwer, Peeters, Du Toit, Janssen, Erasmus, Willems, Wouters, Schouten, Janssens, Hendriks, Bester, Bakker, Mulder, Meijer, Bos, Kok, Van, Wit, Maes, Maas, Smit, Smet, Berg, Boer, Vermeulen, Dijk, Haan, Horn, Veen, Smith, Smits, Bosch, Botha, Prins, Groot, Vries, Jong, and Van Den Berg