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Forename Kristophe

Globally, Kristophe (Kristophe United States Belgium France Canada Brazil) is a very rare boy's given name. The first name Kristophe is habitual in Belgium, where it is a very rare boy's name, the United States, and France.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Kristophe

name Kristophé, name Chrîstophe, name Kristophe, name Christophé
Kristophe Canada, France, Brazil, United States, Belgium

First names said to be same

Christophé, Chrîstophe, and Kristophé

Characteristic surnames

Ax, Philip, Dennis, Jacobs, Tardio, Harris, Orcutt, Obiégly, Worman, Wullen, Zdybel, Strazza, Scholes, Koehler, Perkins, Pringle, Doughty, Edwards, Farreny, Anderson, Garrison, Heinrichs, Powell, Kainer, Karami, Bryant, Self, Beck, King, Diaz, Dias, Hall, Vogt, Mcbee, Sharp, Silva, Hinchcliff, Smith, Brito, Kagel, Green, Lange, Thijs, White, Quick, Sheddy, Swaans, Anglin, Corso, and Immerseel