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Forename Cecilie

In the entire world, Cecilie (Cecilie Denmark Norway New Zealand United States Germany, Сесиль Russia) is quite a rare female first name. The first name Cecilie is characteristic of Denmark, where it is quite a common female name, Norway, and Namibia, where it is quite a rare girly name. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Denmark, Norway, and the United States. Very seldom, Cecilie is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Cecilie

name Сесилия, name Cécilie, name Celina, name Célia, name סלין, name Целина, name Селия, name Сесілія, name Cäcilie, name 瑟林纳, name Cecile, name Sisse, name Силке, name Cecílie, name Cèlia, name Cecília, name סליה, name Цецилія, name Cecilia, name Caecilie, name 西尔克, name Sissel, name סילקה, name Cecelie, name Celine, name Цецилие, name Silke, name セシル, name 塞西莉亚, name Сесиль, name カーシ, name Cecilie, name Селин, name Cecylia, name Cæcilie, name 席琳, name سيليا, name Cecilié, name Celia, name セシリア, name Цецилия, name Селина, name سيسيليا, name سيلين, name Céline, name 西莉亚, name Селія, name セリア, name Cécile, name Silje, name ססיליה
Cecilie Denmark, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, United States
Сесиль Russia

First name Cecilie in the context

Cecilie is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Cecil Palmer , the narrator and radio host of the fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale; Cecilie Meiden , the character, The Legend of the Ice People; Cecile Horton , the fictional character from the television series The Flash; Cecil Terwilliger , the The Simpsons character and Cecil Stedman , the Fictional character, Invincible, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

cecilie of isenburg (b. 1250) link
picture of cecilie christine von schøller cecilie christine von schøller cecilie christine von schøller Norwegian socialite, builder and businessperson, NO (b. 1720) link
cecilie baumann (b. 1768) link
cecilie marie von der lausitz (1779-1781) (b. 1779) link
cecilie dahl Norwegian midwife (b. 1789) link
picture of cecilie dahl cecilie dahl cecilie dahl Norwegian painter (1858-1943), NO (b. 1858) link
picture of cecilie thoresen cecilie thoresen cecilie thoresen Norwegian feminist, NO (b. 1858) link
cecilie jørgensen actor, DK (b. 1814) link
picture of cecilie zu mecklenburg-schwerin cecilie zu mecklenburg-schwerin cecilie zu mecklenburg-schwerin German Crown Princess and Crown Princess of Prussia (1886-1954), DE (b. 1886) link
cecilie herrmannová holocaust victim, b. 1850-07-03, CZ (b. 1850) link
cecilie jeitelesová holocaust victim, b. 1851-03-06, CZ (b. 1851) link
cecilie friedová holocaust victim, b. 1852-02-29, CZ (b. 1852) link
cecilie deutschová holocaust victim, b. 1854-03-14, CZ (b. 1854) link
cecilie kühnberg holocaust victim, b. 1855-07-10, DE (b. 1855) link
cecilie rosenzweigová holocaust victim, b. 1857-04-02, CZ (b. 1857) link

Characteristic surnames

Berg, Eriksen, Iversen, Simonsen, Svendsen, Andersen, Petersen, Pedersen, Jacobsen, Jakobsen, Nygaard, Johansen, Mikkelsen, Sørensen, Bertelsen, Rasmussen, Henriksen, Kristensen, Jørgensen, Christensen, Kristiansen, Mortensen, Frederiksen, Nielsen, Johnsen, Dahl, Lind, Lund, Holm, Bruun, Krogh, Olsen, Madsen, Rensen, Thomsen, Larsen, Nilsen, Hansen, Møller, Clausen, Karlsen, Knudsen, Poulsen, Rgensen, Laursen, Jensen, and Christiansen