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Surname Pedersen

Last name Pedersen (Pedersen Denmark Norway United States Sweden Canada, Педерсен Russia Ukraine, פדרסן Israel) , in the world, is a widespread family name. The cognomen Pedersen is habitual in Denmark, where it is a prevalent surname, Greenland, and Norway, where it is a widespread surname (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Denmark, Norway, and the United States.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Pedersen

Nomographic illustration
Pedersen United States, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Sweden
Педерсен Russia, Ukraine
פדרסן Israel

Notable namesakes

christiern pedersen Danish canon, humanist scholar, writer, printer and publisher, DK (b. 1480) link
arvid pedersen (b. 1500) link
niels pedersen (b. 1522) link
morten pedersen Danish author, astronomer, historian and theologian, DK (b. 1537) link
jacob pedersen DK (b. 1536) link
poul pedersen (b. 1550) link
niels pedersen (b. 1601) link
peder pedersen Norwegian politician (b. 1764) link
picture of thomas vilhelm pedersen thomas vilhelm pedersen thomas vilhelm pedersen Danish artist (1820-1859), DK (b. 1820) link
picture of lars pedersen lars pedersen lars pedersen Danish farmer and politician (1826-1903) (b. 1826) link
picture of michael pedersen michael pedersen michael pedersen (b. 1821) link
picture of peder pedersen peder pedersen peder pedersen DK (b. 1822) link
picture of søren pedersen søren pedersen søren pedersen (b. 1826) link
picture of jørgen pedersen jørgen pedersen jørgen pedersen Danish journalist (b. 1841) link
picture of hans poul pedersen hans poul pedersen hans poul pedersen Danish politician, DK (b. 1850) link

Characteristic forenames

My, Je, Jo, Lu, Lo, Le, Di, Rk, Rj, Ph, Kj, Ko, Bj, Bo, Cy, Aj, Al, Se, Ms, Mr, Ju, and Tr