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Forename Cecílie

In the entire world, Cecílie (Cecílie Czechia) is a very rare girly first name. The forename Cecílie is habitual in Eastern Europe, particularly Czechia, where it is a rare female name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Cecílie

name Сесилия, name Célia, name Celina, name סלין, name Целина, name Селия, name 瑟林纳, name Cecile, name Силке, name Cecílie, name Cèlia, name Cecília, name סליה, name Цецилія, name Cecilia, name Caecilie, name 西尔克, name סילקה, name Cecelie, name Celine, name Silke, name Сесиль, name セシル, name 塞西莉亚, name カーシ, name Cecilie, name Селин, name Cecylia, name Cæcilie, name 席琳, name سيليا, name Celia, name セシリア, name Цецилия, name Селина, name سيسيليا, name سيلين, name Céline, name 西莉亚, name Селія, name セリア, name Cécile, name ססיליה
Cecílie Czechia

Notable namesakes

cecílie soukupová-botschonová CZ (b. 1827) link
cecílie hože holocaust victim, b. 1864-06-11, CZ (b. 1864) link
cecílie vinařová CZ (b. 1909) link
cecílie marková CZ (b. 1911) link
cecílie jílková Czech journalist and writer, CZ (b. 1981) link
cecílie kudělová (b. 1982) link

Characteristic surnames

Kročová, Jílková, and Klasová