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Forename Angelique

All over the world, Angelique (Angelique France United States South Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo Philippines, Анжелика Russia France United States Belarus Kazakhstan, Анжелик Russia Armenia Kazakhstan) is a widespread girly first name. The given name Angelique is habitual in France, where it is quite a common girly name, Aruba, and Reunion (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Russia, France, and the United States. Much less frequently, Angelique is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Angelique

name Ângelique, name Анджела, name Angéliquè, name Анжела, name Anzhela, name Aniela, name Անժելա, name אנג'ליקה, name Angelïque, name Геля, name Ângelîque, name Anjela, name Αγγέλα, name Лика, name Angele, name Angélica, name Anzhelika, name Anji, name Angela, name Анжелик, name Anschelika, name Анхелес, name Аниела, name Ángela, name Ангелика, name Άντζελα, name Angelė, name Angėlique, name Angèlique, name Angelica, name Ангела, name Anjelika, name Ángeles, name Angêlique, name Anjelica, name Анджеле, name Àngela, name Anželika, name Angeliqué, name Ángelique, name Анжелика, name Ангеле, name Анеля, name Anshelika, name Анжел, name אנג'ל, name Анхела, name Angélique, name Angelíque, name Ангелик, name Angelique, name Angèle, name Angelika
Angelique South Africa, Philippines, France, United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Анжелика Kazakhstan, France, Belarus, Russia, United States
Анжелик Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia

First name Angelique in the context

Angelique is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Angelique , the artistic pseudonym; Angelique Bouchard Collins , the fictional character in Dark Shadows; Angelique , the fictional fox from the 2011 film Rango; Firestar , the fictional character in Marvel Comics and Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup , character in Angelique, among other works.

Notable namesakes

angelique tetu dit dutilly 5 Apr 1675 L'Ange-Gardien, Montmorency, Quebec - 8 Jan 1709 St.Famille, Ile-d'Orléans, Quebec (b. 1675) link
angelique caron 23 Oct 1692 Beaupré, Québec - (b. 1692) link
picture of angelique esther elin angelique esther elin angelique esther elin (b. 1754) link
angelique hertel (born 1717) (b. 1717) link
angelique d'harcourt (born 1719) (b. 1719) link
angelique rosalie d'hautefort 1743 - (b. 1743) link
angelique wilhelmina quarles van ufford (1763-1811) (b. 1763) link
angelique magito Swedish actor and singer, SE (b. 1809) link
angelique antoinette françoise hubertine sax Dutch philanthropist, NL (b. 1813) link
picture of angelique picéni angelique picéni angelique picéni Dutch actress, NL (b. 1900) link
picture of angelique rockas angelique rockas angelique rockas South African actress producer and activist , founder of Internationalist Theatre, London, GB (b. 1951) link
picture of angelique eaglewoman angelique eaglewoman angelique eaglewoman Dakota Legal Scholar and Professor, CA (b. 1965) link
picture of angelique damschen angelique damschen angelique damschen German singer, DE (b. 1967) link
picture of angelique hoorn angelique hoorn angelique hoorn equestrian, NL (b. 1975) link
picture of angelique morgan angelique morgan angelique morgan American pornographic actress, US (b. 1975) link

Characteristic surnames

Cruz, Jansen, Taylor, Thomas, Torres, Turner, Harris, Walker, Wilson, Sanchez, Bernard, Jackson, Johnson, Edwards, Martinez, Santiago, Anderson, Robinson, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Thompson, Williams, Garcia, Dubois, Rivera, Carter, Diaz, Hill, Marie, Moore, Simon, Scott, Smith, Adams, Brown, Perez, Rodriguez, Reyes, Davis, Green, Lewis, Lopez, Jones, White, Young, Martin, Miller, Santos, David, and Hernandez