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Forename Andrija

In all the world, Andrija (Andrija Serbia Croatia Montenegro Bosnia and Herzegovina North Macedonia, Андрија Serbia, Андрия Russia Ukraine) is a common male forename. The given name Andrija is characteristic of Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, where it is a common boy's name, Montenegro, and Serbia, where it is quite a common male name. Very seldom, Andrija is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishAndrija is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Andrija

name 安德列斯, name アンディ, name اندريه, name Андрия, name Andreas, name Андре, name Андрија, name Ανδρέας, name Андраш, name אנדרו, name Andrew, name أندريه, name Ендру, name Андрій, name Андрэ, name Эндрю, name Andrija, name 안드레아스, name أندريا, name אנדרה, name Андрей, name Андреас, name André, name 安德魯, name Andre, name أندرو, name 앤드루, name אנדראס, name Андрэас, name アンドレ, name اندريا, name アンドレア, name 安德烈, name Endrū, name アンドリュー, name Андрийа, name אנדריאה, name Ендрю
Andrija North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro
Андрија Serbia
Андрия Russia, Ukraine
أندريا Sudan

First name Andrija in the context

Andrija is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Andreas Oxner , the blood libel in Austria; Hayley Marshall-Kenner , the fictional character from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals television series; Hope Mikaelson , the fictional character from The Originals and Legacies television series; Andrea Wyatt , the character in The West Wing and Isis , the DC Comics superhero, Legends of Tomorrow, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

andrija mirosavljević 13th-century Serbian royalty (b. 1187) link
andrija desin (b. 1400) link
andrija čubranović Croatian poet (b. 1450) link
picture of andrija medulić andrija medulić andrija medulić Italian painter (1510-1563), HR (b. 1510) link
andrija markovic builder and stonemason (b. 1500) link
picture of андрија змајевић/andrija zmajević андрија змајевић/andrija zmajević андрија змајевић/andrija zmajević Serbian poet, ME (b. 1624) link
andrija raičević seventeenth century Serbian icon painter and miniaturist (b. 1615) link
andrija makar Croatian professor (1620-1666), HR (b. 1620) link
picture of andrija kačić miošić andrija kačić miošić andrija kačić miošić Croatian poet and Franciscan monk, HR (b. 1704) link
andrija vitaljić HR (b. 1652) link
andrija jambrešić (1706-1758), HR (b. 1706) link
andrija balović Roman Catholic priest, historian, writer, translator and theologian, ME (b. 1721) link
andrija ciccarelli Croat historian (1759 - 1823) (b. 1759) link
andrija dorotić Dalmatian writer and politician (1761-1837), HR (b. 1761) link
andrija antun brlić (b. 1757) link

Characteristic surnames

Huic, Ivanovic, Zivkovic, Milicevic, Milosevic, Milojevic, Stankovic, Cvetkovic, Petrović, Jovanovic, Todorovic, Novakovic, Filipovic, Milenkovic, Mihajlovic, Stevanovic, Stojanovic, Knežević, Djordjevic, Milovanovic, Kovačević, Radovanovic, Vuković, Dimitrijevic, Jankovic, Petrovic, Ilic, Mitic, Savic, Jovic, Tomic, Babić, Kostic, Ristic, Jurić, Tomić, Horvat, Aleksic, Popovic, Nikolic, Vukovic, Vujovic, Markovic, Mitrovic, Boskovic, Knezevic, Pavlovic, Petkovic, and Milosavljevic