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Forename Endrū

In the entire world, Endrū (앤드루 South Korea, Ендрю Ukraine, אנדרו Israel) is a rare masculine first name. The given name Endrū is characteristic of Eastern Asia, particularly South Korea, where it is a rare masculine name. Much less frequently, Endrū is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Endrū

name Andrej, name Andor, name Андор, name Anders, name Andri, name Andras, name Andriy, name Andreas, name Andres, name Андре, name Ανδρέας, name Андраш, name אנדרו, name Andrew, name Andreu, name Andrea, name Andřej, name Drew, name Andrii, name Andrey, name Andrija, name Endru, name Анджей, name Андрай, name Antti, name Андреас, name André, name Androw, name Andrius, name Andre, name Андреа, name Ander, name Анджэй, name 앤드루, name Ondrej, name Андерс, name Andriejus, name Andrij, name Andrés, name Andreï, name Andrei, name András, name Andy, name Andriej, name Ondřej, name Andrejs, name Andréas, name Андер, name Andráš, name Andréi, name Andrzej, name Ендрю, name Andruw
앤드루 South Korea
Ендрю Ukraine
אנדרו Israel

First name Endrū in the context

Endrū is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Andrew the Apostle , the religious figure of the Christian faith, Gospel of Mark; Andrew Neiderman , the writer; Andrew Marbot , the title character of the novel Marbot: A Biography by Wolfgang Hildesheimer; Andy Bernard , the fictional character on NBC's The Office and Ender Wiggin , the fIctional character in the Ender’s Game series, Ender's Game, and in many other works.