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Forename Adele

Around the world, Adele (Adele Italy United States Cameroon United Kingdom Nigeria, Adèle Italy United States Cameroon United Kingdom Germany, Адель Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan, and others...) is a widespread primarily girly, but very seldom boy's forename. The first name Adele is characteristic of Italy, where it is quite a common girly name, Cameroon, where it is quite a common principally female, but very seldom boy's name, and Israel, where it is quite a common girly name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Italy, the United States, and Cameroon. Very seldom, Adele is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Adele

name Adele, name Аделе, name Adéla, name Adeele, name Адэль, name Adeline, name Adelė, name Edel, name Adèle, name Adéle, name Adelë, name Adêle, name Alina, name Adelè, name Adèlé, name Àdele, name Adel, name عديلة, name أديل, name Adula, name Adél, name אדל, name Gadel, name أدل, name Ádele, name Athel, name Адела, name Аделла, name Адэле, name Adelé, name Ådel, name Adélé, name Adela, name Adelice, name Адель, name Adële
Adele Italy, Cameroon, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria
Adèle Germany, Italy, Cameroon, United Kingdom, United States
Адель Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan
אדל Israel
Аделе Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova
أديل Syria

First name Adele in the context

Adele is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Adele Hoyt , the fictional character from 1919 film, The Wicked Darling; Adele , the fictional character from One Piece; Adele Diamond , the character in the TV series Law & Order; Adele Pinchelow , the main antagonist of Dumb and Dumber To and Adele Effanga , the Fictional student nurse in BBC TV medical drama Holby City, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of adele of meaux adele of meaux adele of meaux French countess (b. 934) link
adele von maine (b. 900) link
adele of valois French noble woman (b. 1100) link
picture of adele petigru allston adele petigru allston adele petigru allston (1810-1896) (b. 1810) link
picture of adele muzzarelli adele muzzarelli adele muzzarelli Italian singer, IT (b. 1816) link
picture of adele elise allram adele elise allram adele elise allram stage actor (1826-1861), AT (b. 1826) link
adele benso de sellon (1780-1846), CH (b. 1780) link
picture of adele spitzeder adele spitzeder adele spitzeder German woman con artist, actress and folk singer, DE (b. 1832) link
adele mary galton (1784-1869) (b. 1784) link
picture of adele passy-cornet adele passy-cornet adele passy-cornet German singer and opera singer (1838-1915), DE (b. 1838) link
picture of adele marion fielde adele marion fielde adele marion fielde American social activist, missionary, scientist, writer (1839-1916), US (b. 1839) link
adele blumenbach (b. 1787) link
picture of adele zay adele zay adele zay Transylvanian pedagogue, teacher and women's rights activist, RO (b. 1848) link
adele zoagli Italian noblewoman and patriot, IT (b. 1805) link
picture of adele meyer adele meyer adele meyer English campaigner for social reform, GB (b. 1855) link

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Lee, Clarke, Parker, Davies, Taylor, Thomas, Harris, Hughes, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Stewart, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Edwards, Mitchell, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Thompson, Carter, Harrison, Murphy, Morris, Cook, King, Hall, Ward, Moore, Silva, Scott, Smith, Allen, Adams, Clark, Brown, Rossi, Davis, Green, Lewis, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Martin, Miller, and Williams