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Surname Ward

Surname Ward (Ward United States United Kingdom Australia Canada Ireland, وارد Iraq Egypt Syria Algeria Morocco, 沃德 China, and others...) , in all the world, is a widespread cognomen. The last name Ward is characteristic of Barbados, where it is a common surname, Isle of Man, and Saint Kitts and Nevis (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Much less frequently, Ward is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ward

Nomographic illustration
Ward Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
وارد Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Algeria
華德, 沃德 China
וורד Israel
ワード Japan
Уорд Russia, Ukraine

Notable namesakes

picture of margaret ward margaret ward margaret ward English Catholic martyr (1550-1588), GB (b. 1550) link
picture of samuel ward samuel ward samuel ward English cleric and academic (b. 1572) link
picture of samuel ward samuel ward samuel ward English minister, GB (b. 1577) link
william ward English physician and translator (b. 1534) link
picture of mary ward mary ward mary ward English Venerated Catholic (1585-1645), GB (b. 1585) link
jack ward English pirate, GB (b. 1553) link
william ward English Roman Catholic priest (17th century) (b. 1560) link
picture of seth ward seth ward seth ward Bishop of Salisbury, mathematician and astronomer, GB (b. 1617) link
john ward composer, GB (b. 1571) link
nathaniel ward Puritan clergyman and pamphleteer in England and Massachusetts, GB (b. 1578) link
picture of patience ward patience ward patience ward Lord Mayor of London (b. 1629) link
picture of edward ward edward ward edward ward English judge (b. 1638) link
hugh ward Irish Franciscan poet, historian and hagiographer (b. 1592) link
john ward English parliamentarian officer and poet (b. 1599) link
bernard ward (born 1606) (b. 1606) link

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Ma, Aj, At, Ak, As, Ad, Ar, Al, Sk, Ca, Sy, Si, Sa, Mg, Ms, Mr, My, Mi, Mo, Su, and Cy