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Forename アナスタシヤ

Across the world, アナスタシヤ (Anastasiia Russia Poland Ukraine United Arab Emirates United States, Anastassija Russia United States Germany United Kingdom Estonia, アナスタシヤ) is quite a rare primarily female, but scarcely male forename. The first name アナスタシヤ is characteristic of Estonia, where it is a rare female name, United Arab Emirates, and Greece. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Russia, Afghanistan, and Poland. Very seldom, アナスタシヤ is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name アナスタシヤ

name Anastasía, name Anastazja, name Anastasya, name Анастасиа, name אנסטזי, name 阿纳斯塔西娅, name Αναστασία, name Anastasiya, name Anastasia, name Анастасія, name Настя, name Анастазия, name Anasztazia, name أناستازيا, name Anastázie, name Anastassija, name Anastazio, name Anastasija, name Наста, name Anastazija, name ანასტასია, name אנסטסיה, name アナスタシア, name Анастасија, name Анастазья, name Anasztázia, name Nastya, name Anastazie, name Nastja, name Anastashiya, name Anastazia, name Анастасья, name Анастасия, name Анастазія, name נסטיה, name Anastassia, name Anastasiia
Anastasiia Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Russia, United States, Poland
Anastassija Germany, Estonia, Russia, United Kingdom, United States

First name アナスタシヤ in the context

アナスタシヤ is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Anastasia Tremaine , the character from 1950 film 'Cinderella'; Anastasia Palma , the Sakura Wars character; Anya , the fictional character in Anastasia; Alex Dunphy , the character on American sitcom Modern Family and Danielle Baptiste , the comics character, and in many other works.