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Forename Αναστασία

All over the world, Αναστασία (Anastasia Greece Indonesia United States Serbia Mexico, Anastasija Greece United States Indonesia Serbia Italy, Anastassia Greece Indonesia United States Mexico Italy) is a widespread feminine forename. The given name Αναστασία is habitual in Greece, where it is a prevalent feminine name, Georgia, where it is a common girly name, and Montenegro (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Greece, Indonesia, and the United States. Very seldom, Αναστασία is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Αναστασία

name Anastasía, name Anastasie, name Anastazja, name Sia, name Anastasya, name Анастасиа, name 阿纳斯塔西娅, name Αναστασία, name Anastasiya, name Anastasia, name Σία, name Анастасія, name Anastaise, name Νατάσα, name Настя, name Анастазия, name Anasztazia, name أناستازيا, name Anastázie, name Anastassija, name アナスタシヤ, name Natasa, name Anastazio, name Anastasija, name Anastazija, name 娜塔莎, name ანასტასია, name אנסטסיה, name Anastassia, name アナスタシア, name Анастасија, name Анастазья, name Tasia, name Τασία, name Anasztázia, name Nastya, name Anastazie, name Nastja, name Anastazia, name Анастасья, name Sía, name Анастасия, name Анастазія, name נסטיה, name Наста, name Anastasiia
Anastasia Greece, United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Serbia
Anastasija Greece, Italy, United States, Indonesia, Serbia
Anastassia Greece, Italy, United States, Mexico, Indonesia
Αναστασία Greece

First name Αναστασία in the context

Αναστασία is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Anastasia Tremaine , the character from 1950 film 'Cinderella'; Anastasia Palma , the Sakura Wars character; Anya , the fictional character in Anastasia; Alex Dunphy , the character on American sitcom Modern Family and Anastasia Hoshin , the fictional character from Re:Zero, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

αναστασία κανακάρη GR (b. 1898) link
picture of αναστασία μουτσάτσου αναστασία μουτσάτσου αναστασία μουτσάτσου Greek singer, GR (b. 1961) link
αναστασία τζάκου Greek architect, GR (b. 1928) link
picture of αναστασία σιωπίδου αναστασία σιωπίδου αναστασία σιωπίδου Greek actor, GR link
picture of αναστασία στυλιανίδη αναστασία στυλιανίδη αναστασία στυλιανίδη Greek actress, GR (b. 1981) link
picture of αναστασία σιδηροπούλου αναστασία σιδηροπούλου αναστασία σιδηροπούλου Greek model, GR (b. 1992) link
αναστασία νεδέλκου σερεμέτη GR (b. 1938) link
αναστασία καλπάκη γεωργουλάκη greek visual artist, GR (b. 1952) link
αναστασία δανάη λαζαρίδου Greek university teacher, GR (b. 1953) link
αναστασία μπρισκόλα greek painter, GR (b. 1955) link
αναστασία καμπόλη Greek architect, GR (b. 1964) link
αναστασία κελεσίδου Greek discus thrower, GR (b. 1972) link
αναστασία πάτσιου Olympic handball player, GR (b. 1975) link
αναστασία γκολέμα Greek actress, GR (b. 1976) link
αναστασία πάτσιου Olympic handball player, GR (b. 1977) link

Characteristic surnames

Π', Ζαχαράκη, Σπανού, Σωτηροπούλου, Τριανταφύλλου, Ρουμελιωτάκη, Μιχαηλίδου, Αλεξάκη, Αλεξοπούλου, Συμεωνίδου, Αναστασίου, Καρακατσάνη, Κωνσταντινίδου, Δημητριάδη, Δημητριάδου, Γεωργιάδου, Λαζαρίδου, Γιοβάνοβιτς, Κουσίδου, Φωτιάδου, Μσ, Ρμ, Κιόσια, Αδάμ, Ζαΐμη, Σακ, Κάπα, Χριστοδούλου, Μυλωνά, Ξένου, Καρεκλά, Μακρή, Σούλα, Οικονόμου, Τσιάρα, Χαλκίδου, Λούτα, and Παπαδοπούλου