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Forename מרי

All over the world, מרי (Mary United States Nigeria India Kenya Tanzania, Mari United States Nigeria India Kenya Tanzania, Meri United States Nigeria India Tanzania United Kingdom) is a prevalent female forename. The forename מרי is habitual in Georgia, where it is a prevalent girly name, the United States, where it is a widespread feminine name, and Ireland, where it is a common female name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in the United States, Nigeria, and India. Very seldom, מרי is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name מרי

name Maris., name Маша, name Merry, name Maíri, name Mair, name My, name Marija, name Mária, name Μαρία, name Мары, name Μαρί, name Марі, name Маня, name Marry, name Майре, name Mry, name Мэри, name Mª, name Mary, name Марья, name מארי, name Манюша, name María, name Мері, name Mari, name Мю, name Майри, name Marie, name Marys., name Марија, name Mèrí, name Марыя, name Марія, name ماريا, name Mērija, name Маркос, name Мари, name Мери, name Marye, name Maria, name Méry, name מריה, name Merija, name Mariya, name Adelaide, name Μαίρη, name מרי, name Мара, name Meri, name Мария, name Муся, name Mariia, name ماري, name Méri
Mari, Mary Tanzania, Kenya, United States, India, Nigeria
Meri Tanzania, United Kingdom, India, United States, Nigeria
מרי Israel

First name מרי in the context

מרי is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mary Magdalene , the follower of Jesus, The Last Temptation of Christ; Mary Jane Watson , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, Spider-Man 2; Mary of Bethany , the figure described in the Gospel of John; sister of Lazarus and Martha, living in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem; traditionally identified with Mary Magdalene; Mary Poppins , the fictional nanny, lead character in the Mary Poppins fantasy book series and its adaptations and Mary Marvel , the DC Comics character, Shazam!, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

מרי בליאן Armenian ceramic artist (1925–2017), IL (b. 1925) link
מרי אבן-אור Israeli composer, IL link
מרי בליאן Armenian Israeli ceramics painter, IL link
מרי דותן Israeli painter, IL link

Characteristic surnames

חן, הרוש, אוחנה, אביטל, אביטן, אשכנזי, מזרחי, בוזגלו, לוגסי, אלפסי, אביטבול, אברהם, ארביב, אמסלם, אטיאס, אזולאי, ביטון, שטרית, סויסה, קריחלי, אוחיון, בן סימון, וקנין, דדון, דיין, קדוש, מור, משה, ממן, סבג, פרץ, לוי, דוד, דהן, עמר, חזן, אסולין, כהן, אסרף, אדרי, מלכה, מלול, בן דוד, שושן, גבאי, יוסף, יעקב, יחזקאל, אלבז, and שוקרון