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Forename Йокель

Across the world, Йокель (Jockel Germany United States Australia Poland United Kingdom, Йокель Ukraine) is a very rare boy's first name. The first name Йокель is characteristic of Western Europe, particularly Germany, where it is a very rare male name. More frequently, Йокель is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Йокель

name Xurde, name Jacb, name Jyri, name Jörn, name Jordi, name Jaco, name Joaquin, name Jaume, name Juerg, name Georgije, name Giacomo, name Jim, name Diego, name Jørgen, name Achim, name Jorn, name Jürg, name Joakim, name Jakub, name Jörg, name Georgios, name Jokin, name Jerzy, name Geórgios, name Juraj, name Jörgen, name Jakov, name Gorch, name Jakob, name Joachim, name Jakow, name Jáchym, name Joaquín, name Akim, name Jure, name James, name Йокель, name Jacobus, name Jachym, name Jurgens, name Jacopo, name Jakób, name Yacob, name Jochen, name Jaakko, name Jokūbas, name Xurxo, name Joaquim, name Jacob, name Džeimss, name Jockel, name Jacques
Jockel Australia, Germany, Poland, United States, United Kingdom
Йокель Ukraine