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Forename Дар'Я

In all the world, Дар'Я (Daria Poland Mexico Philippines United States Italy, Дар'Я Ukraine Belarus, Darja United States Italy Romania Russia Slovenia) is a widespread predominantly feminine, but scarcely boy's first name. The first name Дар'Я is habitual in Ukraine, where it is a common feminine name, Croatia, where it is quite a common female name, and Poland (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Ukraine, Poland, and Mexico. Very seldom, Дар'Я is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Дар'Я

name Daria, name Dariya, name Дарина, name داريا, name Тайра, name Дар'Я, name Dariia, name Тарья, name Dar'Ia, name Дарьяна, name Дариа, name Дарія, name Дарья, name 塔雅, name Дарија, name Darya, name Dària, name Dar'Ja, name Tarja, name ダリア, name Darja, name 达娅, name Дария, name Darija, name Даша, name タルヤ, name דריה, name Дуся, name 黛莎, name Dar'Ya, name Тарие
Daria Poland, Italy, Philippines, United States, Mexico
Дар'Я Ukraine, Belarus
Darja Russia, Romania, Italy, United States, Slovenia
Dar'Ya United Kingdom, Russia, France, Ukraine, United States

First name Дар'Я in the context

Дар'Я is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Daria Morgendorffer , the fictional character in MTV animated series, Beavis and Butt-Head; Dashenka , character in The Wedding; Darya Oblonskaya , the character in Anna Karenina; Daria Garbinati , the operatic character in the opera Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali by Gaetano Donizetti and Daria Bertolaso .

Notable namesakes

дар'я кузьмінічна сасноўская BY (b. 1918) link
picture of дар'я сергіївна попова дар'я сергіївна попова дар'я сергіївна попова ice dancer, UA link
дар'я володимирівна волга Russian actress, RU (b. 1974) link
дар'я озбек Ukrainian volleyball player, UA (b. 1983) link
дар'я сяргееўна барысевіч Belarusian athlete, BY (b. 1990) link
дар'я сергіївна петрожицька Ukrainian actress, UA (b. 1991) link
дар'я палуэктава Belarusian racewalker, BY (b. 1993) link
дар'я шчарбінская badminton player, BY (b. 1995) link
дар'я ігараўна пятрэнка Belarusian swimmer, BY (b. 1999) link
дар'я паўлаўна доўгаль Belarusian swimmer, BY link
дар'я дзмітрыеўна рудэнка Belarusian swimmer, BY link
дар'я руда Ukrainian inventor (*2005), UA link

Characteristic surnames

Мороз, Савченко, Соловйова, Ткаченко, Шевченко, Харченко, Федорова, Кузнєцова, Романенко, Ковальчук, Ковальова, Коваленко, Кузнецова, Кузьменко, Кравченко, Михайлова, Гончарова, Васильєва, Василенко, Сидоренко, Степанова, Литвиненко, Левченко, Зінченко, Новікова, Петренко, Бойко, Коваль, Бондар, Попова, Поліщук, Козлова, Мельник, Павлова, Петрова, Волкова, Бондаренко, Зайцева, Олійник, Руденко, Іванова, Карпенко, Костенко, Клименко, Марченко, Морозова, Полякова, Павленко, Лисенко, and Пономаренко