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Forename Тайра

Globally, Тайра (Daria United States Poland Pakistan India Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darya United States Poland Pakistan India Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darina United States Poland India Democratic Republic of the Congo Mexico, along with others...) is a widespread largely female, but seldom male given name. The forename Тайра is habitual in Georgia, where it is quite a common female name, Croatia, and Poland (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in the United States, Poland, and Pakistan. Much less frequently, Тайра is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Тайра

name Тарие, name Тайра, name داريا, name Darja, name Даша, name タルヤ, name Дарія, name Darya, name Дарьяна, name Týra, name Дария, name Dària, name Tayra, name Darjana, name ダリア, name Дарина, name Дариа, name Дуся, name Дарья, name Dariya, name 塔雅, name Darina, name Дар'Я, name 达娅, name Darija, name 黛莎, name Тира, name Тарья, name Дарија, name Daria, name Taira, name タイラ, name Dariia, name Tajra, name דריה, name Tyra, name Dasha, name Tarja, name Thyra
Daria, Darya Poland, United States, India, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Darina, Dasha Poland, United States, India, Mexico, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tyra Philippines, Poland, United States, India, Mexico
Darja Italy, Russia, United States, India, Indonesia
Tayra, Taira Philippines, Italy, United States, India, Mexico
Tajra Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, United States, India, Croatia
Тайра Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Darjana Philippines, Brazil, United States, India, Croatia

First name Тайра in the context

Тайра is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Daria Morgendorffer , the fictional character in MTV animated series, Beavis and Butt-Head; Thyra , the fictional character in The Saxon Stories, The Last Kingdom; Dashenka , character in The Wedding; Tyra Collette , the character in Friday Night Lights and Darya Oblonskaya , the character in Anna Karenina, among other works.

Characteristic surnames

Дударь, Хамидулина, Салаватова, Исмаилова, Абдуллина, Мартынова, Шарибжанова, Крамарская, Шакирова, Сабитова, Санталова, Девлятбаева, Бекренева, Клименко, Хисямова, Нурушова, Негребова, Полівода, Байкова, Алимова, Минаева, Карпова, Жамалетдинова, and Незаметдинова