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Forename Dar

Around the globe, Dar (Dar Myanmar India Pakistan Indonesia Saudi Arabia, 达尔 China, דר Israel) is a common largely boy's, but infrequently feminine forename. The first name Dar is habitual in Pakistan, where it is quite a common predominantly masculine, but very seldom female name, Israel, where it is quite a rare gender-neutral name, and Mauritius. Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Pakistan, Indonesia, and India. More prevalently, Dar is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Dar

name Dãr, name 达尔, name Dàr, name Dař, name Dãŕ, name Darmstadt, name Dar, name Ďar, name Drone, name De, name Darul, name Daros, name Dąř, name Dâr, name Dąr, name Doar, name Dār, name Donar, name Daŕ, name Duer, name Dorne, name Der, name Dorn, name Dár, name Pendarvis, name Dō, name 達爾, name Da, name Dář, name Daral, name Dejr, name Baar, name Darne, name Dặř, name Di, name Dhar, name Do, name Dado, name Dãř, name Thar, name דר, name Dare, name Dăř, name Dàř, name Daroń, name Dara, name Darol, name Dâř, name Jien, name Dáŕ, name Tast, name Ther, name Ar, name Dejar
Dar Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia
達爾, 达尔 China
דר Israel

First name Dar in the context

Dar is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Dar Veter , the fictional character in novels by Ivan Efremov, The Andromeda Nebula.

Notable namesakes

tsevi dar (b. 1898) link
maqbool dar Indian politician (1943-2008), IN (b. 1943) link
nauman k. dar President and Chief Executive Officer - Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) (b. 1954) link
kirby dar dar American football player, US (b. 1972) link
shaul dar Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1993 link
riyaz ahmad dar researcher link
benish qamar dar politician in Pakistan link
ali mohammad dar Indian politician link
roy d. dar researcher link
furqan dar researcher link
nasir hussain dar politician in Pakistan link
shir dar researcher link
manzoor ahmad dar researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-6266-9645) link
manzoor dar researcher link
shabir ahmad dar researcher link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Ay, Ai, As, Ad, Ab, Ar, An, Al, So, Ah, Se, Si, Sa, Mg, Ms, Mr, My, Mu, Mi, Mo, Su, and Az