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Forename Ιωσήφ

Around the globe, Ιωσήφ (Giuseppe Italy Germany Romania Greece United States, Iosif Italy Germany Romania Greece United States, Jossif United States Brazil Venezuela Japan Germany) is a prevalent masculine forename. The given name Ιωσήφ is habitual in Southern Europe, particularly Italy, where it is a prevalent male name, San Marino, where it is a widespread male name, and Greece, where it is a common boy's name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, the name is most common in Italy, Greece, and Germany. Much less frequently, Ιωσήφ is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ιωσήφ

name Jože, name Osip, name Josseph, name Jožko, name Joža, name Juozapas, name Jusuf, name Джозеф, name Joe, name Jožef, name Iosephus, name Jooseppi, name Jozeb, name Ioseb, name Joosef, name Josip, name Jāzeps, name Zé, name Giuseppe, name Husiy, name Ιωσήφ, name Seff, name Juozas, name Joseba, name Jose, name Joep, name Osyp, name Jozefo, name Jossif, name Jazeps, name József, name Joseph, name Jósep, name Yosyp, name Джо, name Восіп, name Iosip, name Józef, name José, name Josef, name Yoseph, name Iosef, name Josif, name Seosamh, name Ioseph, name Josep, name Iossif, name Ossip, name Yazep, name Iosif, name Jazep, name Yosef, name Josyp, name Jozef
Giuseppe, Iosif Romania, Greece, Germany, Italy, United States
Jossif Germany, Venezuela, Brazil, United States, Japan
Ιωσήφ Greece

First name Ιωσήφ in the context

Ιωσήφ is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Joseph , the Biblical figure, son of Jacob and Rachel, The Qur’an; Joseph of Arimathea , the disciple of Jesus, donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of Jesus, Gospel of Mark; Captain Marvel , the fictional DC character, Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Lex Luthor , the supervillain appearing in DC Comics publications and related media, Justice League and Joe Biden , the fictional parody character from The Onion loosely based on the real Joe Biden, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

ιωσήφ ρακενδύτης GR (b. 1280) link
ιωσήφ φιλάγρης Byzantine writer, GR (b. 1335) link
ιωσήφ πλουσιαδηνός Greek musician, GR (b. 1429) link
picture of ιωσήφ σολομών ντελμέντιγκο ιωσήφ σολομών ντελμέντιγκο ιωσήφ σολομών ντελμέντιγκο Greek rabbi, GR (b. 1591) link
ιωσήφ αντωνόπουλος GR (b. 1749) link
picture of ιωσήφ δεκιγάλλας ιωσήφ δεκιγάλλας ιωσήφ δεκιγάλλας Greek writer and physician (1812-1886), GR (b. 1812) link
picture of ιωσήφ μομφεράτος ιωσήφ μομφεράτος ιωσήφ μομφεράτος Greek politician, GR (b. 1816) link
ιωσήφ ο από ανδρούσης Orthodox bishop of Messini, Greece, 1820s, GR (b. 1770) link
picture of ιωσήφ λιμπεράλης ιωσήφ λιμπεράλης ιωσήφ λιμπεράλης Greek composer, pianist and music educator, GR (b. 1820) link
ρωγών ιωσήφ Orthodox cleric at Missolongi, 1826, GR (b. 1776) link
ζαφειρόπουλος ιωσήφ Greek writer and priest, GR (b. 1785) link
picture of ιωσήφ καίσαρης ιωσήφ καίσαρης ιωσήφ καίσαρης Greek musician, GR (b. 1845) link
ιωσήφ κοράλλης GR (b. 1803) link
picture of ιωσήφ κούνδουρος ιωσήφ κούνδουρος ιωσήφ κούνδουρος Greek politician, GR (b. 1885) link
picture of ιωσήφ σουστιέλ ιωσήφ σουστιέλ ιωσήφ σουστιέλ Greek antiquarian seller, GR (b. 1904) link

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