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Forename Jose

Worldwide, Jose (Jose Brazil Mexico Spain Argentina Venezuela, José Brazil Mexico Spain Argentina Venezuela, יוסי Israel, along with others...) is a prevalent male first name. The first name Jose is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Mexico, where it is a prevalent male name, Nicaragua, and Brazil (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. Likewise, Jose is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishJose is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jose

name Josĕ, name Jože, name Jóse, name Josę, name Jožko, name Josè, name Jošë, name Juozapas, name Jusuf, name Josė, name Jòsê, name Jósé, name Жосе, name ホセ, name Chusé, name Jòsè, name Jožef, name Jòsë, name Йосе, name Iosephus, name Jooseppi, name Josē, name Josip, name Joosef, name Josẽ, name Jozeb, name Giuseppe, name Husiy, name Joše, name Juozas, name Joseba, name Josë, name Jòsé, name Jose, name Josǝ, name Joep, name Jozefo, name Joseph, name Jośe, name Jósè, name יוסי, name Iosip, name خوسيه, name Хосе, name Josě, name José, name Josef, name Chuse, name Josê, name Iosif, name Josif, name Josep, name Iossif, name Josẻ, name Jošé, name Jazep, name Jòse, name Jozef
Jose, José Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico
יוסי Israel
ホセ Japan
Хосе Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Йосе Russia
خوسيه Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian Territory
Жосе Ukraine

First name Jose in the context

Jose is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: José Carioca , the fictional character created by Disney, a Brazilian parrot, The Three Caballeros; Jose Venezuela , the South Park Character; Jose Spechbacher , the operatic character in the opera Amilie, or the Love Test by William Michael Rooke; Jose , character in Sex, Love & Salsa and Jose the Pool Boy , the musical character in the musical Seussical by Stephen Flaherty; "during ""How Lucky You Are (Reprise)""", and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

jose de ribera y davalos Peruvian politician, PE (b. 1555) link
picture of jose de cascante jose de cascante jose de cascante Colombian composer, CO (b. 1646) link
josepe gay ES (b. 1600) link
picture of jose de rozas y melendez de la cueva jose de rozas y melendez de la cueva jose de rozas y melendez de la cueva Peruvian aristocrat, PE (b. 1665) link
jose davila falcon PE (b. 1618) link
jose hurtado de chaves noble Creole landowner in the Viceroyalty of Peru, PE (b. 1632) link
jose millan de poblete Roman Catholic clergyman (b. 1635) link
jose risueño Spanish artist (1640-1721), ES (b. 1640) link
jose sicardo Roman Catholic archbishop, ES (b. 1643) link
picture of jose simoes d' almeida jose simoes d' almeida jose simoes d' almeida Portuguese sculptor (b. 1700) link
jose chafrion Spanish military personnel, ES (b. 1653) link
jose de echevarria ES (b. 1650) link
jose de aguilar PE (b. 1652) link
jose ypenza arsueta 1662-11-27, ES (b. 1662) link
jose bermudez de la torre y solier Peruvian writer and lawyer (1665-1746), PE (b. 1665) link