Toponym Geshur in the world's Bibles

Meaning of the name: Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley. Related names are: Absalom, Talmai, Jerusalem . The translations of Geshur in 18 languages of the Bible are illustrated in the
below, from Ghê-Su-Rơ in Vietnamese to গশূর in Bengali!
Name Geshur in the world's Bibles
And his second, Chileab, of Abigail the wife of Nabal the Carmelite; and the third, Absalom the son of Maacah the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur; (2SA 3:3)
But Absalom fled, and went to Talmai, the son of Ammihud, king of Geshur. And David mourned for his son every day. (2SA 13:37)
So Absalom fled, and went to Geshur, and was there three years. (2SA 13:38)
So Joab arose and went to Geshur, and brought Absalom to Jerusalem. (2SA 14:23)
And Absalom answered Joab, Behold, I sent unto thee, saying, Come hither, that I may send thee to the king, to say, Wherefore am I come from Geshur? it had been good for me to have been there still: now therefore let me see the king's face; and if there be any iniquity in me, let him kill me. (2SA 14:32)
For thy servant vowed a vow while I abode at Geshur in Syria, saying, If the LORD shall bring me again indeed to Jerusalem, then I will serve the LORD. (2SA 15:8)
And he took Geshur, and Aram, with the towns of Jair, from them, with Kenath, and the towns thereof, even threescore cities. All these belonged to the sons of Machir the father of Gilead. (1CH 2:23)
The third, Absalom the son of Maachah the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur: the fourth, Adonijah the son of Haggith: (1CH 3:2)

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