Names distinctive to Turkmenistan

The list of names unique to Turkmenistan*

Female forenames

NameUniqueness Prevalence rank

Male forenames

NameUniqueness Prevalence rank


NameUniqueness Prevalence rank
1. Amangeldiyev 100% 1.
2. Saparov 99% 2.
3. Abdykerimov 100% 3.
4. Atayev 98% 4.
5. Jumayeva 100% 5.

*The rank of the unique name is the geometric average of the name uniqueness and the name prevalence in the respective country. Name uniqueness is measured only by the exact grapheme form (not taking into account transliterational equivalents or phonetic similarities).

** Country similarity is the correlation of the relative frequency of the names shared by two countries (as measured by cosine similarity).