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Surname Srivastava

Family name Srivastava (Srivastava India United States United Arab Emirates Nepal Indonesia, Шривастава Russia Belarus Kazakhstan, Сривастава Russia Belarus) , all over the world, is a widespread last name. The cognomen Srivastava is characteristic of United Arab Emirates, where it is quite a common surname, Bermuda, and Jersey (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in India, the United States, and United Arab Emirates.

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Nomographic illustration
Srivastava United Arab Emirates, Nepal, United States, India, Indonesia
Шривастава Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus
Сривастава Russia, Belarus
श्रीवास्तव India

Notable namesakes

jwala prasad srivastava Indian politician (b. 1889) link
picture of onkar nath srivastava onkar nath srivastava onkar nath srivastava Indian material physicist, IN (b. 1942) link
picture of hari om srivastava hari om srivastava hari om srivastava Indian scientist (b. 1947) link
ashirbadi lal srivastava Indian historian, IN (b. 1899) link
picture of rajendra srivastava rajendra srivastava rajendra srivastava Indian academic, IN (b. 1951) link
sanjeev srivastava Indian journalist (b. 1901) link
picture of trilochan kumar srivastava trilochan kumar srivastava trilochan kumar srivastava Indian banker (b. 1956) link
har dayal srivastava Indian helminthologist (1908–1989), IN (b. 1908) link
k.p. srivastava botanist (b. 1920) link
picture of sanjay srivastava sanjay srivastava sanjay srivastava (b. 1960) link
picture of sharat chandra srivastava sharat chandra srivastava sharat chandra srivastava Indian musician, IN (b. 1971) link
hari shankar srivastava Indian historian (b. 1922) link
picture of ranjana srivastava ranjana srivastava ranjana srivastava Australian oncologist and author, AU (b. 1974) link
harish chandra srivastava Indian politician, IN (b. 1924) link
picture of subodh srivastava subodh srivastava subodh srivastava Indian fashion designer, IN (b. 1978) link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Pj, Pi, Kv, Kn, Ku, Bk, Ba, Ck, Ca, Aj, Ai, Ak, As, Ab, Ar, An, Sk, So, Ms, Rj, and Rk