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Surname Pradhan

Surname Pradhan (Pradhan India Nepal Bhutan United Arab Emirates Bangladesh, พราน Thailand, Прадхан Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine) , all around the world, is a prevalent family name. The cognomen Pradhan is habitual in Southern Asia, particularly Bhutan, where it is a widespread surname, Nepal, where it is a common surname, and India (explore the name in all countries). Much less frequently, Pradhan is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Pradhan

Nomographic illustration
Pradhan Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Bhutan, India
พราน Thailand
Прадхан Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan

Last names said to be same

Prãdhãñ, Pŕádháń, and প্রধান

Notable namesakes

picture of saraswati pradhan saraswati pradhan saraswati pradhan Indian (Odia) politician, IN (b. 1925) link
picture of naresh pradhan naresh pradhan naresh pradhan politician from Odisha, India (1942-1988), IN (b. 1942) link
shivam pradhan Indian actor, IN (b. 1901) link
kashiraj pradhan politician and journalist in the Kingdom of Sikkim (b. 1905) link
picture of jaslal pradhan jaslal pradhan jaslal pradhan Indian boxer, IN (b. 1957) link
vasant sadashiv pradhan Indian politician, IN (b. 1914) link
nahakul pradhan Indian politician (b. 1918) link
hemlata manohar pradhan Indian businessperson (born 1928, child of Yashwant Martand Ruikar), IN (b. 1928) link
picture of adrian pradhan adrian pradhan adrian pradhan Nepali singer, IN link
picture of binod pradhan binod pradhan binod pradhan Indian cinematographer, IN link
picture of sonalika pradhan sonalika pradhan sonalika pradhan Indian Fashion Designer link
k. n. pradhan Indian politician, IN (b. 1932) link
prasanta pradhan Indian politician, IN (b. 1939) link
picture of sanju pradhan sanju pradhan sanju pradhan Indian footballer, IN (b. 1989) link
satish pradhan Indian politician, IN (b. 1940) link

Characteristic forenames

Mo, Bk, Bi, Ck, Aj, Ah, Ai, Ak, As, Ad, Ka, Ab, An, Al, Sk, Su, Si, Sa, Ms, Mr, Mi, Ar, and Ke