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Surname Ntone

Surname Ntone (Ntone Cameroon South Africa France Greece Spain, نتون) , all around the world, is quite a rare cognomen. The family name Ntone is characteristic of Cameroon, where it is quite a rare surname, Greece, where it is a rare surname, and South Africa. Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in Cameroon, South Africa, and France. Very seldom, Ntone is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ntone

Nomographic illustration
Ntone Greece, South Africa, France, Spain, Cameroon

Last names said to be same

Ntonè, Ntoné, Ντόνη, Ντώνη, and Нтоне

Notable namesakes

picture of ntone edjabe ntone edjabe ntone edjabe Cameroonian journalist, CM (b. 1970) link
ntone henri politician in Cameroon link
ntone edjabe (b. 1970) link

Characteristic forenames

Guy, Eleni, Herve, Henry, Fritz, Marthe, Maxime, Michel, Samuel, Sipora, Alexis, Armand, Adelph, Adèle, Carole, Cecile, Pierre, Daniel, Darvin, Joseph, Themba, Ngando, Elise, Etonde, Nancy, Thoko, Neo, Paul, John, Joel, Jean, Emma, Olga, Maria, Serge, Alice, Alain, Annie, Adors, Agnes, Clerc, Cyril, Kevin, Priso, Reine, Louis, Thabo, Tsepo, and Hervé