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Family name Mã (Mã Algeria Egypt Myanmar Morocco Tunisia) , throughout the world, is a common cognomen. The surname Mã is habitual in Northern Africa, particularly Algeria, where it is quite a common surname, Tunisia, where it is quite a rare surname, and Morocco. Measured by absolute frequency, the name is most common in Northern Africa, particularly Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco. Also, Mã is the forename as well as the last name.

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Myanmar, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria

Notable namesakes

picture of mã minh cẩm mã minh cẩm mã minh cẩm Vietnamese carom billiards player, VN (b. 1975) link
dũng mã (b. 1923) link

Characteristic forenames

Lu, Moreno, Santos, Castro, Garcia, Vieira, Martins, Almeida, Pereira, Ribeiro, Martinez, Carvalho, Gonzalez, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodriguez, Rodrigues, Fernandez, Nchez, Fernandes, Lopes, Rocha, Es, Ez, Oz, Rez, Lez, Nez, Cruz, Ruiz, Guez, Lima, Ndez, Silva, Sousa, Souza, Alves, Costa, Ramos, Gomes, and Nascimento