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Forename Alves

Around the world, Alves (Alves Brazil Portugal Angola France United States, Алвес Russia Ukraine, אלבס Israel) is quite a rare largely masculine, but infrequently girly forename. The given name Alves is characteristic of Luxembourg, where it is quite a common epicene name, Portugal, where it is quite a rare unisex name, and Angola, where it is quite a rare boy's name. In absolute terms, it is commonest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, and Portugal. Much more frequently, Alves is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Alves

name Alvez, name Альвес, name Alvès, name Ãlves, name Alvēs, name Ałves, name Ãlvés, name Alvés, name Álvares, name Alves, name Álvez, name Álves, name Âlvês, name Алвес, name Alvës, name Àlvês, name Àlvès, name Alvês, name Alvės, name ألفيس, name Àlves, name Дани, name Àlvés, name אלבס, name Ãlvês, name Aĺves, name Алвеш
Alves Portugal, France, Brazil, United States, Angola
Алвес Russia, Ukraine
אלבס Israel
ألفيس Sudan

Notable namesakes

archibald alves British merchant and plantation owner in St Vincent (b. 1765) link
picture of castro alves castro alves castro alves Brazilian poet (1847-1871), BR (b. 1847) link
picture of garibaldi alves garibaldi alves garibaldi alves Brazilian politician, BR (b. 1923) link
picture of moreira alves moreira alves moreira alves Brazilian judge, BR (b. 1933) link
albano emílio alves (b. 1886) link
moussia pinto alves Brazilian painter, BR (b. 1901) link
picture of gil da costa alves gil da costa alves gil da costa alves East Timorese politician (1958-2019), TL (b. 1958) link
brás joaquim alves Brazilian lawyer and politician, BR (b. 1914) link
murillo antunes alves person identified in the Museu da Pessoa collection, BR (b. 1919) link
hilmo alves person identified in the Museu da Pessoa collection, BR (b. 1927) link
wilson francisco alves Brazilian footballer (1927-1998), BR (b. 1927) link
pinto alves badminton player, PT (b. 1937) link
picture of roberson de arruda alves roberson de arruda alves roberson de arruda alves Brazilian footballer, BR (b. 1989) link
peixoto alves Portuguese bicycle racer, PT (b. 1941) link
dilson magalhães alves politician from Brazil, BR (b. 1948) link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Ba, Cy, Ci, Ca, Aj, Ai, Ad, Ar, An, Bo, Al, Su, Si, Sa, Ms, Mr, My, Mu, Mi, Mo, So, and Bu