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Surname Lemaire

Family name Lemaire (Lemaire France Belgium United States Canada Ivory Coast, ルメール Japan, Лемер Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine Kyrgyzstan) , in all the world, is a common surname. The cognomen Lemaire is habitual in France, where it is quite a common surname, Belgium, and Reunion (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in France, Belgium, and the United States. Very seldom, Lemaire is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Lemaire

Nomographic illustration
Lemaire Canada, France, United States, Belgium, Ivory Coast
ルメール Japan
Лемер Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
لومير Algeria

Last names said to be same

Lémaire, Лемаире, and למר

Notable namesakes

picture of jean lemaire jean lemaire jean lemaire French painter, FR (b. 1597) link
jean lemaire musician and mathematician (1581-1650) (b. 1581) link
pierre lemaire French artist, approximately 1612-1688 (b. 1612) link
françois lemaire French painter, FR (b. 1620) link
marie lemaire French teacher (1641-1717), FR (b. 1641) link
louis lemaire Geboren 1693; Gestorben 1750 (b. 1693) link
jacques françois lemaire Born 1712, in Vendin-les-Béthune; died 4 August 1780, in St-Omer. French, Painter. Landscapes with figures, architectural views., FR (b. 1712) link
picture of nicolas-éloi lemaire nicolas-éloi lemaire nicolas-éloi lemaire French philologist (1767-1832), FR (b. 1767) link
picture of paul andré louis lemaire paul andré louis lemaire paul andré louis lemaire French politician, FR (b. 1768) link
henri-antoine lemaire French architect (1729-1803), FR (b. 1729) link
picture of joseph jean francois lemaire joseph jean francois lemaire joseph jean francois lemaire French physician, FR (b. 1782) link
picture of théodore-eugène lemaire théodore-eugène lemaire théodore-eugène lemaire French politician, FR (b. 1785) link
andré joseph lemaire French general, FR (b. 1738) link
nicolas lemaire French missionary, FR (b. 1739) link
picture of philippe joseph henri lemaire philippe joseph henri lemaire philippe joseph henri lemaire French sculptor (1798-1880), FR (b. 1798) link

Characteristic forenames

My, Mia, Mik, Mic, Mel, Max, Mat, Yo, Vi, Ed, No, Jb, Jo, La, Da, Rk, Pj, Ph, Bj, Aj, An, Al, Ms, Mr, , and Myl