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Surname Bibi

Family name Bibi (Bibi India Pakistan Algeria United States United Kingdom, بيبي Iraq Sudan Egypt Algeria Saudi Arabia, Биби Kazakhstan Russia Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan, among others...) , worldwide, is a prevalent last name. The cognomen Bibi is characteristic of India, where it is a common surname, Pakistan, and Seychelles (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in India, Pakistan, and Algeria. Much less frequently, Bibi is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bibi

Nomographic illustration
Bibi Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, India, Algeria
بيبي Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
Биби Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan
比比 China
ビビ Japan
บีบี Thailand
ביבי Israel

Notable namesakes

aipashsha bibi (b. 1607) link
bibi rajindar kaur Indian princess (b. 1739) link
bibi sahib kaur Sikh princess (b. 1771) link
bibi soghra Indian philanthropist and educationist (b. 1815) link
picture of bibi lindström bibi lindström bibi lindström painter (1904-1984), SE (b. 1904) link
picture of bibi osterwald bibi osterwald bibi osterwald American actress (1918-2002), US (b. 1918) link
khadija bibi (1866-1902) (b. 1868) link
picture of bibi ferreira bibi ferreira bibi ferreira Brazilian presenter, actress, singer, songwriter and director, BR (b. 1922) link
picture of bibi nyström bibi nyström bibi nyström Swedish actress (1925-2010), SE (b. 1925) link
picture of bibi johns bibi johns bibi johns Swedish singer and actress, SE (b. 1929) link
picture of bibi andersson bibi andersson bibi andersson Swedish actress (1935-2019), SE (b. 1935) link
picture of bibi nordin bibi nordin bibi nordin Swedish actress (1939-1997), SE (b. 1939) link
picture of bibi vogel bibi vogel bibi vogel Brazilian actress and singer, BR (b. 1942) link
picture of bibiana manuela fernández chica bibiana manuela fernández chica bibiana manuela fernández chica Spanish actress, singer, presenter and model, ES (b. 1954) link
hadj mohamed bibi Tunisian notary and businessman, TN (b. 1906) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, Ba, Ch, Aj, Aa, Ah, Ai, Ak, As, Ar, An, Al, Sk, So, Se, Si, Sa, Ms, Mr, Mu, Mi, Mo, Bo, and Bi