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Surname Bhatia

Surname Bhatia (Bhatia India United Arab Emirates United States Bahrain Kenya, Бхатия Russia Belarus, Бхатиа Russia) , in the world, is a widespread cognomen. The last name Bhatia is habitual in United Arab Emirates, where it is a common surname, Bahrain, and Aland Islands, where it is quite a common surname (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in India, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Much less frequently, Bhatia is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bhatia

Nomographic illustration
Bhatia Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, United States, India
Бхатия Russia, Belarus
Бхатиа Russia

Last names said to be same

Bhatiă, Bhàtia, Bhàtià, and Бхатіа

Notable namesakes

picture of vanraj bhatia vanraj bhatia vanraj bhatia Indian composer, IN (b. 1927) link
picture of amir bhatia, baron bhatia amir bhatia, baron bhatia amir bhatia, baron bhatia British politician (born 1932), GB (b. 1932) link
picture of rajendra bhatia rajendra bhatia rajendra bhatia Indian mathematician, IN (b. 1952) link
picture of gautam bhatia gautam bhatia gautam bhatia Indian architect, writer and artist, IN (b. 1952) link
durgadas bhatia politician, IN (b. 1907) link
prem bhatia Indian diplomat and journalist (1911-1995), IN (b. 1911) link
picture of samir bhatia samir bhatia samir bhatia Indian entrepreneur, IN (b. 1963) link
picture of eduardo bhatia eduardo bhatia eduardo bhatia 15th President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, US (b. 1964) link
harbans singh bhatia legal scholar (b. 1915) link
picture of sangeeta n. bhatia sangeeta n. bhatia sangeeta n. bhatia American nanotechnologist and biological engineer, US (b. 1968) link
picture of jayati bhatia jayati bhatia jayati bhatia actress, IN (b. 1970) link
picture of ruby bhatia ruby bhatia ruby bhatia Indian-Canadian actress and television personality, CA (b. 1973) link
picture of ankur bhatia ankur bhatia ankur bhatia Indian actor, IN (b. 1980) link
picture of vinod bhatia vinod bhatia vinod bhatia Indian air marshal link
picture of peter bhatia peter bhatia peter bhatia American journalist and editor, US link

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