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Surname Bai

Family name Bai (白 China, Bai India China Pakistan Saudi Arabia Bangladesh, バイ Japan, along with others...) , across the world, is a prevalent cognomen. The family name Bai is habitual in India, where it is a widespread surname, China, where it is a common surname, and Cayman Islands (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in India, China, and Pakistan. Much less frequently, Bai is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bai

Nomographic illustration
Bai Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, China
バイ Japan
Бай Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan
باي Turkey, Iran
באי Israel

Notable namesakes

dong bai (b. 175) link
bai xuan Tang dynasty person CBDB = 139879 (b. 623) link
bai yibao person, CBDB = 140581 (b. 639) link
bai xianyan person, CBDB = 140592 (b. 644) link
bai zhixin Tang dynasty person CBDB = 140760 (b. 655) link
bai qianyu Tang dynasty person CBDB = 140671 (b. 678) link
bai guangqian Tang dynasty person CBDB = 140264 (b. 681) link
bai qingxian Tang dynasty person CBDB = 140590 (b. 688) link
bai huang Tang dynasty person CBDB = 32221 (b. 706) link
picture of bai xingjian bai xingjian bai xingjian Chinese writer (b. 776) link
bai jigeng Tang dynasty person CBDB = 32223 (b. 729) link
bai shi person, CBDB ID = 145636 (b. 731) link
bai shi Tang dynasty person CBDB = 32231 (b. 731) link
bai liangqi Tang dynasty person CBDB = 145711 (b. 743) link
bai ji Tang dynasty person CBDB=145059 (b. 767) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, Ak, As, Ad, Ar, An, Al, Sk, So, Su, Si, Sa, Ms, Mr, My, Mu, Mi, Mo, Ai, and Au