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Surname Zimmermann

Family name Zimmermann (Zimmermann Germany Switzerland Brazil France United States, Циммерман Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Kyrgyzstan, Зиммерманн Russia) , in the world, is a widespread last name. The cognomen Zimmermann is habitual in Western Europe, particularly Switzerland, where it is a common surname, Germany, and Austria, where it is quite a common surname (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil. Very seldom, Zimmermann is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Zimmermann Germany, France, Brazil, United States, Switzerland
Циммерман Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan
Зиммерманн Russia
צימרמן Israel

Notable namesakes

wilhelm zimmermann DE (b. 1542) link
balthasar zimmermann German cartographer and geodesist, DE (b. 1570) link
christoph zimmermann German artist (1575–1639), DE (b. 1575) link
wilhelm peter zimmermann German illustrator (b. 1589) link
picture of johann jacob zimmermann johann jacob zimmermann johann jacob zimmermann German theologian, DE (b. 1644) link
nicolaus zimmermann German philologist and teacher (1601-1661), DE (b. 1601) link
christian zimmermann (b. 1598) link
johann christoph zimmermann (b. 1605) link
matthäus zimmermann (1625-1689) (b. 1625) link
václav zimmermann CZ (b. 1616) link
johann samuel zimmermann (b. 1626) link
johann zimmermann CZ (b. 1632) link
jan zimmermann CZ (b. 1632) link
picture of johannes jakob zimmermann johannes jakob zimmermann johannes jakob zimmermann (1695-1756), CH (b. 1695) link
daniel zimmermann (b. 1639) link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Mie, Meg, Mel, Mom, Max, Wm, Ek, Ed, Jo, Lu, Lo, La, Dj, Do, Bo, Al, Ms, Mia, and