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Surname عمرى

Cognomen عمرى (عمرى Egypt Saudi Arabia Jordan Sudan Libya) , in all the world, is a common last name. The family name عمرى is characteristic of Egypt, where it is quite a common surname, Jordan, where it is quite a rare surname, and Libya. Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Much less frequently, عمرى is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
عمرى Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia

Last names said to be same

Omri, and Omry

Characteristic forenames

ام, بعد, بطة, سيد, سيف, سما, سمر, سهر, حسن, حبي, حبى, حزن, حمو, حيب, حلم, حلا, حوب, رضا, راح, رنا, رهف, شهد, بحب, عهد, عمر, على, بت, حپ, ضى, لك, يا, الم, امي, امل, امى, انا, شمس, انت, ايه, اين, اية, ابو, ادم, اخر, اتت, عزة, عشق, عشت, انس, and شقى