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Surname العنزي

Last name العنزي (العنزي Saudi Arabia Iraq Kuwait Jordan Syria, Alanzi Saudi Arabia Kuwait Democratic Republic of the Congo Iraq Bahrain) , all over the world, is a widespread cognomen. The surname العنزي is characteristic of Western Asia, particularly Saudi Arabia, where it is a widespread surname, Kuwait, and Iraq, where it is quite a common surname (explore the name in all countries). Much less frequently, العنزي is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
العنزي Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
Alanzi Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia

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Notable namesakes

picture of محمد سالم العنزي محمد سالم العنزي محمد سالم العنزي Qatari footballer, QA (b. 1976) link
picture of عبد الله بن سعود العنزي عبد الله بن سعود العنزي عبد الله بن سعود العنزي Saudi diplomat, SA link
عبد الكريم العنزي Iraqi politician, IQ (b. 1954) link
محمد طنا العنزي Kuwaiti politician, KW (b. 1956) link
مهدي بن عبار العنزي SA (b. 1953) link
عسكر العنزي politician, KW (b. 1971) link
عبد العزيز سعود العنزي SA (b. 1962) link
حصة هلال المليحان العنزي Saudi Arabian journalist and poet, SA (b. 1974) link
فهد بن حمود العنزي SA (b. 1965) link
كمال بن سلمان العنزي Philosopher, Theologian ,Spiritual teacher, IR (b. 1978) link
مشعل العنزي Qatari footballer, QA (b. 1979) link
عبد الله فتيخان العنزي Saudi Arabian association football player, SA link
عبد الله عبد العزيز العنزي association football player, KW link
زبن الهذال العنزي association football player, KW link
علي عجيل العنزي KW (b. 1970) link

Characteristic forenames

An, فص, في, ود, وه, سع سع, شع شع, دح دح, الا, الم, امل, انا, انس, ايم, ايه, ايث, اوس, ابو, ابؤ, احم, مم, احد, مي, مح, Radi, ام, اب, عز, عع, بد, سر, سس, حح, حم, ري, شي, جو, خخ, دح, أم, طه, ضي, ءء, مد, and اسد