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Forename Walter

Across the world, Walter (Walter Germany United States Argentina Brazil Italy, וולטר Israel, Уолтер Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan) is a prevalent male given name. The first name Walter is characteristic of Argentina, where it is a widespread male name, Germany, and Peru, where it is a common masculine name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in Germany, the United States, and Argentina. Much less frequently, Walter is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Walter

name Harold, name Waltier, name Wàltér, name والتر, name Valtero, name Walter, name Gautier, name Gualtiero, name Walther, name Waltteri, name Wálter, name וולטר, name Wally, name Valtteri, name Wáltểŕ, name Wãlter, name Валттери, name Волтер, name Wöltje, name Вальтер, name Wâltêr, name Valtter, name Waĺter, name Wàlter, name Вольтер, name والى, name Guálter, name Wölter, name Гвалтер, name Welter, name Wàltèr, name Bhaltair, name Wãltër, name Herald, name Валтер, name Gualtero, name Уолтер, name Waltër, name Wáltér, name Valters, name Mcwaters, name Гуалтиеро, name ולטר, name Faraud, name Woltz, name Wâlter, name Вальтэр, name Фалтер, name Walty, name Waltèr, name Héraut, name Waltér, name Wolter, name Valter
Walter Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, United States
וולטר Israel
Уолтер Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia
والتر Iran

First name Walter in the context

Walter is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Walter White , the fictional character in the television drama series Breaking Bad; Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly , the fictional corporal in MASH franchise, M*A*S*H; Walter Bishop , the fictional character on the Fox television series Fringe; Walter White Jr. , the fictional character from Breaking Bad and Walter Sobchak , the fictional human from the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

walter i of vexin 920-992 (b. 920) link
walter fitz herbert de la mare (b. 940) link
walter ii of vexin Peerage person ID=588414 (b. 955) link
walter von steusslingen (b. 950) link
walter German bishop, DE (b. 967) link
walter fitz otho Peerage person ID=211656 (b. 1006) link
walter iii (1030-1063) (b. 1030) link
walter of douai Norman knight (b. 1046) link
walter de lacy Anglo-Norman baron, FR (b. 1046) link
walter giffard, 1st earl of buckingham Anglo-Norman magnate (b. 1050) link
walter of albano Cardinal-bishop of Albano; Papal Legate to England (b. 1050) link
walter giffard, lord of longueville Norman baron (b. 1050) link
picture of walter de luci walter de luci walter de luci Abbot of Battle Abbey, FR (b. 1103) link
picture of walter von lomersheim walter von lomersheim walter von lomersheim DE (b. 1100) link
walter de beauchamp of elmley Sheriff of Worcestershire (b. 1065) link

Characteristic surnames

Cruz, Junior, Thomas, Torres, Flores, Wilson, Sanchez, Alvarez, Almeida, Pereira, Ramirez, Jackson, Johnson, Martinez, Carvalho, Gonzalez, Ferreira, Oliveira, Williams, Rodriguez, Rodrigues, Hernandez, Garcia, Romero, Castro, Araujo, Ruiz, Diaz, Lima, Neto, Silva, Souza, Scott, Smith, Costa, Brown, Fernandez, Perez, Rojas, Davis, Gomez, Lopez, Jones, Filho, White, Martin, Miller, Santos, Ramos, and Nascimento