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Forename Sarmiento

Around the globe, Sarmiento (Sarmiento Philippines Colombia Mexico Peru Argentina, سارمينتو Palestinian Territory, Сармиенто Russia) is a rare epicene given name. The first name Sarmiento is habitual in Greece, where it is a rare boy's name, Nicaragua, and Philippines, where it is a rare largely boy's, but seldom girly name. In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in Philippines, Colombia, and China. Much more prevalently, Sarmiento is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Sarmiento

name ซาร์เมียนโต, name Sarmientõ, name Sàrmìèntò, name Sarmiènto, name سارمينتو, name Сармиенто, name Сарміенто, name Sármiento, name Sarmiento
Sarmiento Peru, Colombia, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico
سارمينتو Palestinian Territory
Сармиенто Russia

Notable namesakes

doña maria teresa de silva bazán y sarmiento 16 Jun 1731 Madrid - 25 Dec 1767 Madrid (b. 1731) link
picture of atala sarmiento atala sarmiento atala sarmiento Mexican journalist, MX (b. 1972) link
pipe sarmiento (b. 1952) link
doña jacoba varcia sarmiento Peerage person ID=546367 link
doña luisa henriquez de sarmiento - 17 Sep 1675 link
harris sarmiento Filipino-American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, PH (b. 1983) link
garcia sarmiento, señor de sobroso link
garcia sarmiento link
garcia fernández sarmiento link
faber burgos sarmiento Colombian artist, CO (b. 1992) link
leidy carolina sarmiento chess player link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Jm, Jd, Jj, Jo, Ja, Lu, Li, La, Ga, Dj, De, Jb, Rj, Ra, Pj, Bj, Ba, Ck, Aj, Ar, Al, Su, Ms, Mr, Ro, and Tj