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Forename Rios

In the world, Rios (Rios Mexico Colombia Argentina Peru United States, Ríos Mexico Colombia Argentina Peru United States, Риос Russia Belarus) is quite a rare epicene given name. The given name Rios is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Paraguay, where it is quite a rare girly name, Panama, where it is quite a rare unisex name, and Bolivia. Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Indonesia, the United States, and Paraguay. Predominantly, Rios is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Rios

name Риос, name Řios, name Ріос, name Riô, name Rïós, name Rïõs, name 里奥斯, name Rīōs, name Rĭos, name Rïos, name Rios, name Rįos, name Rìòs, name Riòs, name Ríos, name Ŕíóś, name Rîô, name Rîôs, name Rïôs, name Rîos, name Riôs, name Rìos, name Riós, name Ríós, name ريوس
Ríos, Rios Peru, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Mexico
Риос Russia, Belarus
ريوس Iraq

First name Rios in the context

Rios is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

aparicio de los rios Paraguayan singer (1908-1975), PY (b. 1908) link
picture of evette rios evette rios evette rios TV host link
oved yesid ramírez rios cyclist, CO (b. 1975) link
eon j rios researcher link
jansen rios Filipino basketball player, PH (b. 1991) link
inácio rios BR (b. 1985) link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Ka, Bk, Bj, Bo, Ba, Cy, Ci, Aj, Ku, An, Sy, Su, Sa, Ms, Mr, My, Mi, Mo, Al, and Ky