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Forename Pawło

In all the world, Pawło (Павло Ukraine Russia Poland Bulgaria Kazakhstan, Pawło) is a widespread masculine given name. The first name Pawło is characteristic of Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, where it is a widespread masculine name, Bulgaria, where it is a rare masculine name, and Poland. Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Pawło

name Pavle, name Pablo, name Pall, name Povilas, name Пааво, name Паулино, name Паул, name Poghos, name Paavo, name Павел, name Pal, name Boghos, name Pavol, name Poul, name Paulus, name Pavlo, name Пау, name Павол, name Páll, name Паол, name Paulino, name Paolo, name Pál, name Паво, name Pawlo, name Павлос, name Paulos, name Павле, name Paweł, name Παύλος, name Paulí, name Паули, name Paulo, name Pavel, name Пабла, name Паулос, name Пауло, name Пал, name Pavlos, name Павал, name Пабло, name Паола, name Павло, name Паоло, name Pawieł, name Pål, name Pawel, name Paul, name Pauli, name Paol, name Pau
Павло Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland

First name Pawło in the context

Pawło is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Paul Atreides , the fictional character from Dune; Pavel Chekov , the fictional character, Star Trek: The Original Series; Paul Bunyan , the fictional character; Paul Stamets , the fictional character from Star Trek multiverse, Star Trek: Discovery and Georg Paul Thomann , and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

pawło jaworśkyj politician, PL (b. 1815) link
picture of pawło wasyńczuk pawło wasyńczuk pawło wasyńczuk politician, PL (b. 1893) link
pawło bazylewski PL (b. 1896) link