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Forename Nela

In all the world, Nela (Nela Indonesia India Romania Serbia Czechia, Нела Russia Bulgaria Ukraine Kazakhstan Serbia, 妮拉 China) is a common mostly girly, but seldom masculine first name. The given name Nela is habitual in Croatia, where it is quite a common female name, Belize, where it is quite a common epicene name, and Montenegro, where it is quite a common girly name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in Indonesia, Romania, and India. Much less frequently, Nela is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Nela

name Нела, name Aniela, name Nell, name Нелли, name نيل, name نيلي, name 尼利, name Nelly, name 娜莉, name Ela, name En, name န္ေလ, name ネリ, name Нэла, name เนลา, name 纳拉, name Antonie, name Nélà, name 内莉, name Нелл, name Антонела, name Nela, name نيلا, name Ñela, name 内利, name Antonela, name Nelli, name Néla, name နေလ, name 妮拉, name 奈爾, name Neła, name နေလး, name ネル
Nela Indonesia, Serbia, Romania, Czechia, India
Нела Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan
妮拉 China
Нэла Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Notable namesakes

picture of nela samotyhowa nela samotyhowa nela samotyhowa Polish teacher, art promoter, PL (b. 1876) link
picture of nela martínez nela martínez nela martínez Ecuadorian communist, political militant, activist, and writer, EC (b. 1912) link
picture of nela arias-misson nela arias-misson nela arias-misson Painter, ES (b. 1915) link
picture of nela álvarez nela álvarez nela álvarez Filipina actress, PH (b. 1919) link
picture of nela eržišnik nela eržišnik nela eržišnik Croatian actress and comedian (1924-2007), HR (b. 1924) link
nela wollinerová holocaust victim, b. 1897-09-01, CZ (b. 1897) link
picture of nela grigoryan nela grigoryan nela grigoryan Armenian civil servant, lawyer, politician, and jurist, AZ (b. 1956) link
picture of nela boudová nela boudová nela boudová Czech actress, CZ (b. 1967) link
nela zdzieszyńska PL (b. 1909) link
picture of nela kocsis nela kocsis nela kocsis actor, HR (b. 1970) link
nela hahnová holocaust victim, b. 1926-06-07, CZ (b. 1926) link
picture of nela panghy-lee nela panghy-lee nela panghy-lee German actress and television presenter, DE (b. 1980) link
nela sud holocaust victim, b. 1933, PL (b. 1933) link
picture of nela lisková nela lisková nela lisková (b. 1975) link
nela rotszul holocaust victim, b. 1936, PL (b. 1936) link