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Forename Antonie

All over the world, Antonie (Antonie Germany South Africa Romania Democratic Republic of the Congo Czechia, אנטון Israel, Антоний Russia Belarus Kazakhstan Bulgaria Ukraine) is a common epicene given name. The given name Antonie is habitual in Czechia, where it is quite a rare girly name, Germany, and South Africa, where it is quite a rare boy's name. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Germany, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Very seldom, Antonie is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Antonie

name Antonio, name Antonius, name Antonina, name Антоніна, name Антоніа, name Антоніо, name Тося, name אנטוניו, name אנטון, name 妮拉, name Teun, name Антониу, name Nela, name Antonie, name Antonié, name Антоніу, name Антонио, name Антоний, name 安东尼, name 安东尼奥, name أنطوني, name Antoniè, name أنطونيو, name Антониус, name アントニウス, name Антонии, name アントニオ, name Нела, name Антония, name Антон, name Антонида, name Антоние, name Αντόνιο, name Antónie, name Антонина
Antonie Romania, Germany, South Africa, Czechia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
אנטון Israel
Антоний Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia

First name Antonie in the context

Antonie is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Antonie Buddenbrook , the character from Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks; Anton Arcane , the comic book supervillain, Swamp Thing; Fadeaway Man , the supervillain in the DC Comics universe; Anton Vanko , the fictional character from 2010 film 'Iron Man 2' and Anton Chigurh , the fictional hitman, No Country for Old Men, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

antonie, lord of monaco Lord of Monaco (b. 1350) link
antonie de villequier (b. 1452) link
antonie de guise (1531-1561) (b. 1531) link
picture of antonie oetgens van waveren antonie oetgens van waveren antonie oetgens van waveren Dutch ambassador (1585-1658), NL (b. 1585) link
antonie sybille of barby-mühlingen (1641-1684), DE (b. 1641) link
antonie josefa, gräfin von küenburg 1 Jun 1687 Salzburg - 4 Mar 1755 Praha, Bohemia (b. 1687) link
antonie, gräfin von abensperg und traun 28 Apr 1706 - Feb 1755 (b. 1706) link
antonie pieter van dishoeck 26 Sep 1709 Houghly, West Bengal Bengal, India - 14 Mar 1767 nr Zijpe (b. 1709) link
antonie von massa PL (b. 1709) link
antonie ewoud sichterman 18 Feb 1722 Houghly, Bengal - 24 Mar 1756 's-Gravenhage (b. 1722) link
picture of antonie brentano antonie brentano antonie brentano Austrian philanthropist (1780-1869), AT (b. 1780) link
antonie van der garde 9 Nov 1732 Kerkdriel - 17 Sep 1787 Zaltbommel (b. 1732) link
picture of antonie van goudoever antonie van goudoever antonie van goudoever Dutch philologist, NL (b. 1785) link
antonie filipina z magni (1735-1812), CZ (b. 1735) link
picture of antonie frederik jan floris jacob van omphal antonie frederik jan floris jacob van omphal antonie frederik jan floris jacob van omphal (1788-1863), NL (b. 1788) link