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Forename Melanie

In all the world, Melanie (Melanie United States Philippines France Germany United Kingdom, Melania United States Philippines France Germany United Kingdom, Мелани Serbia Bulgaria Russia Armenia Kazakhstan, among others...) is a widespread girly first name. The first name Melanie is habitual in Philippines, where it is a common female name, France, where it is quite a common female name, and Guam (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in the United States, Philippines, and France. Very seldom, Melanie is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Melanie

name Melanija, name Melânie, name Mélanìe, name Melanîe, name 梅兰妮, name Mélanie, name Melanıe, name Mélina, name Melànie, name ميلانى, name Melany, name Melánie, name Melanié, name Меланія, name Mêlanie, name Mëlanie, name ميلاني, name Mèlanie, name Melanïe, name Мелание, name Меланье, name Мелани, name Mêlânîê, name Melania, name Меланија, name Melinda, name Mēlanie, name メラニー, name Меланьє, name Melanìe, name Melaníe, name Mėlanie, name מלאני, name เมลานี, name Mélanïe, name 梅兰尼, name Mełanie, name Mélaníe, name Мелания, name Мелані, name Melanie
Melanie, Melania United Kingdom, Germany, France, Philippines, United States
Мелани Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Kazakhstan
מלאני Israel
メラニー Japan
Мелані Ukraine
ميلاني Iraq, Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Morocco

First name Melanie in the context

Melanie is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Melanie Hamilton , the Scarlett O'Hara's sister in law, Gone with the Wind; Melanie Walker , the character in Batman Beyond; Melanie Barnett , the Fictional character in the American sitcom The Game; Melanie Glaser , character in The Secret Circle and Melanie Klein , the theatrical character in the paly "Mrs. Klein", and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of melanie lewy melanie lewy melanie lewy Austrian harpist, AT (b. 1824) link
picture of melanie von metternich-zichy melanie von metternich-zichy melanie von metternich-zichy Austrian princess (1832-1919), AT (b. 1832) link
melanie von rotberg 1794 - 1860 (b. 1794) link
melanie von franken (b. 1791) link
melanie fürstin von metternich aristocrat (1805—1854), AT (b. 1805) link
melanie schlotheim FR (b. 1803) link
picture of kun melanie kun melanie kun melanie Hungarian writer (1864-1884), HU (b. 1864) link
melanie hulse (b. 1809) link
picture of melanie khevenhüller-metsch melanie khevenhüller-metsch melanie khevenhüller-metsch AT (b. 1861) link
picture of melanie andrée melanie andrée melanie andrée HU (b. 1869) link
picture of melanie kurt melanie kurt melanie kurt Austran soprano opera singer (1880-1941), AT (b. 1880) link
picture of melanie klein melanie klein melanie klein British Austrian born psychoanalyst, AT (b. 1882) link
picture of melanie michaelis melanie michaelis melanie michaelis German violinist, DE (b. 1882) link
picture of melanie domenego melanie domenego melanie domenego AT (b. 1875) link
melanie von helldorf 28 Jun 1835 St.Ulrich, Krs. Querfurt - 26 Apr 1917 Hannover (b. 1835) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Nelson, Harris, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Edwards, Martinez, Mitchell, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Gonzalez, Thompson, Williams, Garcia, Parker, Carter, Miller, King, Hall, Hill, Moore, Scott, Smith, Allen, Adams, Clark, Baker, Rodriguez, Brown, Davis, Green, Lewis, Lopez, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Martin, Morgan, Perez, and Hernandez