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Forename M R

In the entire world, M R (M R Netherlands Canada Bangladesh United Kingdom India) is quite a rare predominantly masculine, but very infrequently female given name. The forename M R is habitual in Bangladesh, where it is quite a rare primarily masculine, but scarcely female name, Oman, where it is a rare male name, and the United Kingdom, where it is a rare unisex name. Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and Egypt. Much less frequently, M R is the last name as well as the forename.

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name M R
M R Bangladesh, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Netherlands

Characteristic surnames

Roy, White, Martin, Meijer, Miller, Mulder, Carter, Jansen, Taylor, Thomas, Visser, Walker, Wilson, Stewart, Draycott, Leeuwen, Jackson, Johnson, Anderson, Campbell, Beaulieu, Williams, Vries, Evans, Jones, Groot, Vos, Smit, Berg, Bell, Boer, Khan, Rana, Dijk, Jong, Hall, Macdonald, Veen, Wood, Mason, Smith, Ahmed, Clark, Bosch, Brown, Patel, Graaf, Green, Webb, and Chowdhury