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Forename Janell

All around the world, Janell (Janell United States Philippines Canada Jamaica Australia, جانيل Palestinian Territory) is a common girly forename. The given name Janell is habitual in the United States, where it is quite a rare girly name, Jamaica, and Philippines, where it is a rare gender-neutral name. Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in the United States, Philippines, and South Africa. Very seldom, Janell is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Janell

name Janell, name جانيل, name Janéll
Janell Canada, Philippines, Jamaica, Australia, United States
جانيل Palestinian Territory

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Notable namesakes

walther janell DE (b. 1877) link
janell moon American writer, US link
janell pisegna researcher link
janell l mensinger researcher link
janell kwok researcher link
janell sherr researcher link
janell k mahoney researcher link
janell t eckrich Master of Architecture, University of Washington link
janell mcleod link
janell keithalin mathurin Saint Lucian association football player, LC link

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