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Forename Jacinthe

Worldwide, Jacinthe (Jacinthe Canada France New Zealand Democratic Republic of the Congo Haiti, Hyacinthus China) is a rare gender-neutral forename. The first name Jacinthe is habitual in New Zealand, where it is quite a rare feminine name, France, where it is a rare female name, and Canada. Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in France, New Zealand, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Much less frequently, Jacinthe is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jacinthe

name Hyacinthus, name Hiacinta, name Hyacinthe, name Jacinthe, name Хасинта, name Jacinta
Jacinthe Haiti, New Zealand, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada, France
Hyacinthus China

First names said to be same

Hiacinta, Hyacinthe, Jacinta, and Хасинта

First name Jacinthe in the context

Jacinthe is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Jacinthe , the operatic character in the opera Le domino noir; Hyacinthus the Lacedaemonian , the who sacrificed his daughters to Athena or Persephone and Hyacinthus , the operatic character in the opera Apollo et Hyacinthus by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Oebalus's son.

Notable namesakes

jacinthe pozier French painter, 1844-1915, FR (b. 1844) link
jacinthe couture Canadian pianist, CA (b. 1950) link
jacinthe laguë Canadian actress from Quebec, CA (b. 1953) link
jacinthe bessière French writer, sociologist and university professor, FR (b. 1953) link
jacinthe de la roche saint andre (born 1957) (b. 1957) link
jacinthe mathieu enseignante au primaire canadienne, CA (b. 1962) link
jacinthe pepin (b. 1954) link
jacinthe martel CA (b. 1957) link
jacinthe pineau Canadian swimmer, CA (b. 1974) link
jacinthe taillon Canadian synchronized swimmer, CA (b. 1977) link
jacinthe lessard Canadian photographer, CA (b. 1978) link
jacinthe laforte Quebec short story writer, essayist, and novelist (b. 1979) link
jacinthe lavoie Canadian author and illustrator, CA (b. 1980) link
jacinthe potvin actor in the theatrical field in Quebec link
jacinthe chaussé performing artist in Canada, CA link

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Roy, Boucher, Poirier, Richard, Lambert, Lessard, Leclerc, Leblanc, Lussier, Jacques, Ouellet, Bergeron, Beaulieu, Bouchard, Gauthier, Gosselin, Laflamme, Levesque, Tremblay, Fontaine, Bélanger, Pelletier, Bernard, Desjardins, Fortin, Lavoie, Cote, Morin, Auger, Caron, Dumas, Gagne, Lemay, Martin, Martel, Moreau, Côté, Poulin, Robert, Demers, Durand, Dupuis, Dufour, Gagnon, Gagné, Girard, Landry, Nadeau, and Charbonneau