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Forename Ille

All over the world, Ille (Ei Myanmar Mongolia Japan Malaysia Morocco, Isle Malaysia China Germany Indonesia United States, Ille Morocco China Germany Indonesia United States) is a widespread female given name. The forename Ille is characteristic of Mongolia, where it is a prevalent girly name, Myanmar, where it is quite a rare mostly female, but infrequently masculine name, and Japan, where it is quite a rare female name. Likewise, Ille is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ille

name Ell, name Acele, name Aia, name Ela, name Ele, name Al, name Alea, name Aquelle, name Ello, name Elo, name Aquel, name Els, name Aquello, name Eali, name Aquele, name Eła, name Chiddu, name Chiddi, name Elu, name Eus, name Eux, name Eli, name Ellas, name Ella, name Elj, name Aquella, name El, name Илле, name Celui, name Elas, name Ei, name Aquell, name Ea, name Chidda, name Ells, name Elle, name As, name Allia, name A La Carte, name Aller, name Egli, name Colui, name A La Mode, name Ille, name Acel, name A, name Isle, name Elli, name Elles, name Acelei, name Ellu, name Acea, name Acela, name Akel
Ei Myanmar, Morocco, Malaysia, Mongolia, Japan
Isle Germany, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, China
Ille Germany, Morocco, United States, Indonesia, China
Илле Kazakhstan, Russia

First name Ille in the context

Ille is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

radu ille Romanian singer, RO (b. 1970) link
squire maunu aaponpoika ille, lord of heinlahti manor - 1615 Narva, Ingria/Estonia link
judge kustavi ille, lord of heinlahti and keltinki 1614 - 23 Apr 1670 Heinlahti link

Characteristic surnames

Mr, Eva, Evi, Van, Fam, Yov, Marc, Mary, Mark, Matt, Mona, Mire, Myrt, Sara, Seba, Seã, Sven, Alex, Alec, Alan, Andy, Anna, Tom, Anne, Jon, Lux, Ms, Ed, Max, Meg, Sue, Ana, Amy, Ach, Cam, Cyr, Ben, Kam, Ken, Kea, Pam, Ray, Ron, Rex, Les, Liz, Luc, Jan, and Anil